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Does getting permission to reuse content take forever? [SPONSORED POST]

Finding the copyright owner of a work is not always a straightforward task, and seeking permission to use another author’s work has proved a laborious task for many at one point or another. It commonly involves such crucial questions as: Who is the rightsholder? How do I contact them? What should I ask for? And why is the process so complicated?

However, you can now break through the complexity with PLSclear, the service for straightforward permissions. PLSclear guides you through a simple online permissions request, so you can cover everything you need, then puts you in touch with the rightsholder, who will have the information they need to make a decision.

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Helen Smith photo

On BritCrime online literature festival: Helen Smith interview

Helen Smith is a novelist and playwright who lives in London. She’s the founder of BritCrime. BritCrime gives crime readers an opportunity to meet at online events – they are free and accessible to everyone. Here Stephanie Cox interviews Helen about the festival and how it was all set up.

1. Please introduce yourself and give us a brief overview of your career.

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Publishing 2020

Publishing 2020: an Advent Calendar of change

In the run up to Publishing: the next 5 years, BookMachine will be featuring a number of opinions about what might be next for the industry. This is a guest blog from Christopher Norris. Chris is editor and development executive for the Insight Film Festival. He also freelances as CopyGhosting Editorial Services. You can follow Chris on Twitter (@InsightFF and @chris24n) and keep up to date with the Insight Film Festival via the website’s news and blog items that he writes, edits and/or curates.

As BookMachine celebrates 5 years of gazing into the book trade crystal ball, here is a personal collection of suggestions to generate debate that may happen if publishing ‘turkeys’ react positively to media trends and finally ‘vote for Christmas’:

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Carly Watters

On being a VP and Senior Literary Agent and blogger: Carly Watters

Carly Watters is a VP and Senior Literary Agent at the P.S Literary Agency. Since joining the agency in 2010 and becoming a VP in 2014 Carly has had great success launching new authors domestically and abroad with acclaimed women’s fiction author Taylor Jenkins Reid being published in 14 languages around the world. Her blog has thrice been awarded the Writer’s Digest distinction of ‘101 Best Blogs for Writers.’ You can follow her @carlywatters – this is an interview led by Norah Myers.

1. Please take us through a day in the life of your work as an agent.

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Dodo copy

From book blogger to independent publisher

This is a guest blog by Thom Cuell. Thom is the Managing Director of Dodo Ink, an independent publisher specialising in difficult and daring fiction. His writing has appeared in 3am Magazine, The Weeklings and The Literateur, and he has an MA in English and American Literature from The University of Manchester.

From the outside, the publishing world can seem like a scary place. The image of the stuffy Old Boys’ club might be a little outdated, but breaking in is still tough. Moving to London, or taking an unpaid internship, isn’t for everyone. But are there alternative routes into publishing? I’d like to tell you a bit about how I went from amateur book blogger to Managing Director of an independent press.

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Publishing: the next 5 years [OPINION]

In the run up to Publishing: the next 5 years, BookMachine will be featuring a number of opinions about what might be next for the industry. This is a guest blog from Ami Greko. Ami recently relocated from working for Goodreads in New York to working for Penguin Random House in London. Outside of the office she founded Book Camp NYC, an unconference for publishing types, and co-created a soup zine (called Stock Tips) that was well over-funded on Kickstarter. 

In the next five years, I think we’ll see a wildly successful book-ish tech startup. I don’t mean a startup oriented around books. I mean a publishing startup created by and for those of us with towering stacks of books taking over every flat surface of the home.

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