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Freelancers in publishing

FreeLancers in Publishing re-launch on 12th March

We’ve teamed up with the guys at the marketing alliance to re-launch FLiP – a series of informal networking events specifically for freelancers. We offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in which to sit down over coffee and a croissant and exchange stories or pick each other’s brains.  It’s less of a networking event and more a friendly support group.

Everyone knows that freelancing can be a bit lonely or isolating at times. And a few weeks working from home can make you sick of the sight of the same four walls. So FLiP offers you the chance to get a change of scene, meet other people in the same boat and discuss things that are on your mind about work.

So topics of discussion at previous meetings have included:

  • How can I get publishers to pay on time?
  • What to do when the project arrives and it is bigger than the brief suggested
  • Day rate vs project fee – which is better?
  • What self-marketing people do in order to get new business
  • Mac vs PC – pros and cons
  • Which social networks are freelancers using and why

As well as lots of catching up with old friends, current projects and holiday plans ( it’s not all about work.)

So if you freelance in publishing in any capacity – marketing, editorial, digital, design, project management, picture research etc – then come along. We meet on the second Thursday of the month. We would love to see you.

Like us on Facebook for regular updates about future meetings, or grab your ticket for 12th March now.



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mentor scheme

Why are we renewing the SYP mentor scheme for 2015?

This is a guest post from Anna Cunnane. Anna works in sales for independent non-fiction publisher Kyle Books. She is also the 2015 Chair of the SYP.

“An inspiring new scheme for ambitious young people in publishing!” — Tom Weldon

The SYP is perhaps best known for the support we provide to people trying to find their first job in publishing. It can be just as difficult, however, to move up quickly within a publishing company as it is to get your foot in the door and we want to support young people who have the skills and ambition to do so. We think its right that we should host a mentor scheme led by people who have achieved a great deal early on in their careers.

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events for writers

The unseen benefits of events for writers

This is a guest blog by Lisa Goll. Lisa is Chair of London Writers’ Cafe, one of London’s biggest creative writing communities with more than 3,200+ members.

Asking writers to network is a bit like an elephant being taught to tango. It’s possible, but does anyone really want to see it? I mean, the awkwardness.

In my line of work (hosting events for writers), I can confirm that they come in all shapes, sizes and creeds but share these distinct qualities: terrifying levels of imagination, the perseverance of professional base-jumpers, killer observational skills and a predilection for solitude that only hermits admire. And most writing events require none of those things. No wonder their invitations find their way so quickly to the bin. But I’m here to say, writers: what are you doing? You’re missing out on the best motivational tool on offer.

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publishing permissions

How can I be better about asking for permissions?

This is a sponsored guest post from Jonathan Griffin. Jonathan is Deputy CEO of the Publishers Licensing Society.

Requesting permission to reuse content for a book – for example a quote, short extract, or a diagram – can be very frustrating.

First of all, there’s the challenge of knowing where to start – who should you be asking the permission from? What are their contact details? Who, within a rights holding organisation (such as a publishers), is the right person to contact? Then, even when you have all the right contact details, how do you know what information to supply? It’s no wonder a third of permissions requests are abandoned – it can be a very time consuming process.

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Made in Me

Publishing deal with Macmillan Children’s Books for Made in Me

Macmillan Children’s Books has acquired worldwide publishing rights to launch a brand co-created by author/illustrator Tom Percival and digital media company, Made in Me. The brand is called The Little Legend, and consists of four books set in the fictional world of Tale Town, home of Little Red, Jack (of the beanstalk fame), Princess Rapunzel, and Anansi (the spider of west African legend).

The books will be published in paperback and e-book formats by Macmillan Children’s Books and as an illustrated digital book on Made in Me’s Me Books platform.

The Spell Thief and the second book, The Great Troll Rescue, will be published in both formats in February 2016, further books will follow.

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5 Top tips to max your backlist

Leila Dewji, publishing entrepreneur, has launched I_AM Self-Publishing, which produces beautiful books and eBooks for self-publishing authors, agents, and media companies, and gives them the tools, knowledge, and materials to market their work successfully.

I’m sure you know the backlist titles I’m talking about – either out of print, or a tiny trickle of sales. They lie on dusty shelves, unloved and unmarked. I left the world of literary agenting about five years ago to set up a high-end self-publishing company. However, my time at the literary agency taught me the importance of monetizing the backlist. Many of you are sitting on excellently -written, once-successful (but now forgotten) genre fiction that has never been released in eBook form.

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Amazon and publishing

5 Questions for Deborah Emin about Amazon and publishing

This is a guest interview with Deborah Emin. Deborah began Sullivan Street Press as a way to change the publishing paradigm. An advocate also for how we relate to this planet, the press publishes titles on veganism, animal rights as well as on the occupy movement. Follow @SullivanStPress.

1. If we could turn back time, how could the Amazon/publishing relationship have been established differently?

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How to create a catalogue automatically using ONIX and InDesign

This is a guest post from Emma Barnes. Emma is co-founder of General Products, and indie publisher Snowbooks. General Products is the company behind FutureBook-award-winning Bibliocloud, the web-based all-in-one publishing management system.

Did you go into publishing so that you could spend your days copying and pasting ever-changing metadata from spreadsheets, emails and databases into InDesign? You did? Great. No need to read on.

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