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Laura Summers

Laura Summers

Laura co-founded BookMachine and is Head of Marketing at YUDU Media. She is into digital marketing, social media and EdTech. You'll find her tweeting @laurasummersnow
Junior Designer

Junior Designer [JOB POSTING]

Do you have a passion for good book design and a meticulous eye for detail?

Do you have never-ending ideas and a host of design solutions up your sleeve?

Do you see text as more than just grey matter?

If so, this could be the job for you. Quintessence Editions, part of the Quarto Group, is seeking a talented junior designer to join the young and lively team that produces the highly successful 1001 … Before You Die series and the critically acclaimed … Whole Story series, among many other high-quality illustrated reference books within the fields of art, design, music, film, fashion, literature and history.

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Malleable Models: The real effects of the digital revolution on business

This is a guest post from Jasmin Kirkbride. Jasmin is a regular blogger for BookMachine and Editorial Assistant at Periscope Books (part of Garnet Publishing). She is also a published author and you can find her on Twitter @jasminkirkbride

World-famous travel and maps bookshop Stanfords has announced that, alongside books, they will now be offering horse-drawn omnibus tours of London to their customers. While this idea fits well with their brand, it definitely breaks the mould of what we have come to expect from a bookshop. And Stanfords aren’t the only ones employing lateral thinking to revamp their brand: it’s a phenomena happening across the board and it’s results are as exciting as they are intriguing.

Why digital forced us to adapt

The last decade has seen a revolution in the way we use technology. It has become unimaginably mobile, instant, easy and relatively cheap. Smartphones were released in 2000 but the iPhone, which really lit the smart-phone fire in line with the roll-out of 3G internet access, was launched as recently as 29 June 2007. The iPad only followed in 1 April 2010. The first mainstream eReaders, the Sony Reader and Kindle, were only released in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

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Catherine Johnson

Being a full time writer: Catherine Johnson interview

Catherine Johnson has published 17 books and writes for Holby City too. Here Stephanie Cox interviews Catherine about her career so far, how she first got published and other tips for writers.

1. Please can you tell me a little bit about yourself and an overview of your career so far?

Gosh that’s hard. It’s been a long and not quite illustrious career although I have managed to be a full time writer since about 2007. I’ve worked around writing, as well as written, for most of the last twenty years. I’ve published 17 books, written one feature film (that got made- Bullet Boy – I have one in development), worked as a writer in residence in a prison and several schools, worked in local bookshops and in literature development, written for radio and TV and feel that I am amazingly lucky still to be published.

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One Big Book Launch is the solution

On Wednesday evening, 10 outstanding authors launched their novels at CompletelyNovel‘s ‘One Big Book Launch‘. The Free Word centre was heaving with literary folks and friends and family of the emerging authors – it was a great evening.

Some authors don’t like book launches. Anticipating who might come, and being centre of attention, just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. One Big Book Launch is the solution. Not only did CompletelyNovel and BookMachine promote the event extensively, but the authors presenting their eclectic mix of novels had a mixed and optimistic crowd who might never have stumbled upon their work before.

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Untitled 3.001

Some early bird tickets: BookMachine London, Oxford, Brighton

By now you will be in the loop about BookMachine Week. A whole week of talking about the rise of reading on mobiles and short stories.

Expert speakers will be sharing their experiences and the discussion will lead to thinking about whether we need to review our publishing models.

Everywhere we look people are pulling out their mobile devices. How can the publishing industry respond to this? Do we need to?

Early Bird tickets are on sale until tomorrow (Friday 22nd May) for BookMachine London, Oxford and Brighton.

Get tickets

Limited tickets also available here for BookMachine Cambridge and Barcelona.

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Final winner announced for One Big Book Launch

All ten outstanding winners of One Big Book Launch 2015 have now been announced, showcasing fantastic new titles from Walker Books, Sandstone Press, a variety of up-and-coming publishers and several self-publishing authors.

These emerging authors will launch their books simultaneously at one, highly-publicised event at the Free Word Centre in Farringdon on June 3rd, 2015. One Big Book Launch aims to harness the power of collaboration across the UK publishing industry to increase discoverability and celebrate emerging authors writing on the theme of ‘Inspiring People and Places’.

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Join BookMachine week in 5 cities

BookMachine is back in 5 cities, with a series of events to discuss: The rise of reading on mobiles, short stories and bite-size content.

Read more and grab a ticket today!

Does the rise in mobile reading mean we need to review our publishing models? More and more young people want quick satisfaction by reading both literature and educational resources on mobile. During this fortnight of events, BookMachine have invited a range of experts to discuss.

In the mass market, there has always been a home for shorter tales. Sherlock Holmes is an excellent example of this back in the 1890s. However, you might have also heard and read about the stigma of short story writers in the literary publishing world. Does this still apply?

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Marketing Academic Research

Marketing academic research: Kat Palmer interview

Kat Palmer is Content Marketing Executive at Emerald Group Publishing. Here Stephanie Cox interviews Kat about marketing in the publishing industry and the challenges of marketing academic research.

1. What attracted you to working for an academic publishing company?

Education has a huge, everlasting impact on our lives – whether you received a good or bad education has an influence on your career choices, development, and to certain extent happiness.

To be a part of an organisation which influence the best research for higher education students, as well as developing our knowledge and growth both economically and socially across the globe had huge appeal for me!

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Creating Value in an Age of Disruption

In the run up to the Oxfordshire Publishing Group’s Annual conference on ‘Creating Value in an Age of Disruption’, here are some thoughts about recent changes to publishing models.

The Internet has transformed the way the industry handles its relationship with consumers. Over the next decade, consumers will have unprecedented access to vast amounts of user-generated information and knowledge.

Here are some of the issues which are likely to be discussed at the conference:

Paying for content

Readers have more choices than ever before. The greatest challenge today isn’t how to create great books, or even how to get them into readers hands; in an age when there is something to read in every corner of the web, the question is how to develop content that people will actually pay for.

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reviewing books

A Belgian perspective on reviewing books

Mieke Bijns is a book blogger and reviewer who writes for both English and Belgian audiences. Here Stephanie Cox interviews Mieke about book reviews, and platforms and also asks about differences in cultures in publishing between different countries.

1. Please introduce yourself and give us a background of yourself and your career.

Hiya! My name’s Mieke, I’m 25 years young, I live in the Northern part of Belgium together with my boyfriend and two cats and during the daytime office hours I’m a full time Data Entry Coordinator at a company that creates and distributes thermal imaging and infrared cameras. In the evenings and in the weekends, I’m a book blogger and reading addict.

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