Catherine Johnson

Being a full time writer: Catherine Johnson interview

Catherine Johnson has published 17 books and writes for Holby City too. Here Stephanie Cox interviews Catherine about her career so far, how she first got published and other tips for writers.

1. Please can you tell me a little bit about yourself and an overview of your career so far?

Gosh that’s hard. It’s been a long and not quite illustrious career although I have managed to be a full time writer since about 2007. I’ve worked around writing, as well as written, for most of the last twenty years. I’ve published 17 books, written one feature film (that got made- Bullet Boy – I have one in development), worked as a writer in residence in a prison and several schools, worked in local bookshops and in literature development, written for radio and TV and feel that I am amazingly lucky still to be published.

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Rosalind Moody

Working in book publishing and magazine publishing: Rosalind Moody interview

Rosalind Moody is Editorial Assistant at Colchester-based publishing company Aceville Publications. Here Stephanie Cox interviews Rosalind about her career so far, and the differences between working in book publishing and magazine publishing,

1. Please introduce yourself and describe your background and your career.

I’m a graduate from the University of Hull and since my second year of university, I’ve completed unpaid internships at Endeavour Press, Simon & Schuster UK, Hodder and Stoughton and Just Imagine, a specialist children’s bookseller in Chelmsford. Last Christmas I was offered a job as Editorial Assistant at Colchester-based publishing company Aceville Publications who own a lot of major craft magazines, as well as other well-known titles such as Great British Food, Your Fitness and Natural Health. Make it Today is a new title I’m helping to develop but actually I’ve just been transferred to a more established magazine called Homemaker. I’m really enjoying myself and I’m constantly learning!

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Spanish start-up Interview: Roterbooks

Roterbooks is a cloud-based editing platform based in Spain. Roterbooks have kindly sponsored the past two BookMachine Barcelona events. Here we find out a little bit more about the platform.

1. What is Røter? Where did the idea come from?

Røter is a cloud based editing platform. The team call it an ‘editorial hub’ as it allows you to edit your content and then export it into any format. At the moment Røter has three versions:

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Heather Van Fleet

Landing an agent and being an intern: Heather Van Fleet interview

Heather Van Fleet is a YA/NA author represented by Stacey Donaghy of Donaghy Literary. She is also an intern at BookFish Books. Here Stephanie Cox interviews Heather about her internship and love of writing.

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background and career.

A little about myself, huh? Well, let’s see. I’m a wife, a mom, a YA/NA author represented by the fabulous Stacey Donaghy of Donaghy Literary. I have an obsession (only SLIGHT ones) with coffee creamer, book boyfriends, The Walking Dead and Jamie from Outlander.

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Lucy Houlden

On Publishing in the North: Lucy Houlden interview

Lucy Houlden is a Researcher/Editorial Assistant at Cobweb Info Ltd. Here Stephanie Cox interviews Lucy her interest in the publishing industry and her blog, Publishing in the North. You can follow Lucy on Twitter @LucyHoulden

1. Please introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about your background and your career so far.

Hello, I’m Lucy. I live way up north in lovely Durham, which is a great place for anyone who enjoys the essentials in life (tea and cake!). I come from Lincolnshire, but I moved up to Newcastle to study English Language and Literature, with a plan to pursue a career in publishing. Since then, I’ve picked up lots of different experience, including proof reading for a student newspaper, doing an internship with a literary magazine, starting up a company newsletter, doing work experience at Dorling Kindersley, and working in academic and business publishing. It’s been a very busy few years! However, everything is about to change once again, as I’m soon going to be moving into a new role in digital marketing.

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Graeme Roberts

On being a writer: Graeme Roberts interview

Graeme Roberts is a journalist, writer, and PR professional. Here Stephanie Cox interviews him about social media, newspapers and print, and his love of writing.

1. Please introduce yourself and give us a bit of info about your career and career path.

My name is Graeme Roberts, 29, from Manchester, UK. I would describe myself first and foremost as a writer. It’s a fairly broad term but I think it’s the most apt. I currently work in public relations for a research and consulting company called GlobalData, which means I write, edit and interact with the media on a daily basis. Before that I was a journalist for Basketball Magazine and I still do some writing for my local club, Manchester Magic. I recently undertook some freelance work for Basketball England, the national governing body, reporting on a number of their finals events. Writing is what I most enjoy doing. I love words and I’m thankful that I’m able to do something creative every day.

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Brian Lavery

On being a journalist: Brian Lavery interview

Brian Lavery is a writer and has also been working in journalism for 25 years. Here Stephanie Cox interviews him about his career spanning  journalism, writing for radio, creative non-fiction and short fiction.

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your background and your career.

My name is Brian Lavery and I am a writer, journalist and late-comer to academia. When I write creative nonfiction I am Brian W. Lavery, so as not to be confused with another Scot with the same name as me, who also happens to be a world authority on maritime history. So, just my luck that the first book I get published has a maritime theme. Perhaps that is why the phrase “lucky as a Brian” does not exist.

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Reading mobile devices

Reading on mobile devices: Jim Hinks interview

This is a guest interview with Jim Hinks. Jim is an editor at Comma Press, the Manchester-based independent publisher specialising in short fiction. He is also speaker at BookMachine Brighton on Wednesday 10th June.

1 Do you read books on mobile devices?

Yes, a lot. I’m particularly partial to listening to literature, be that audiobooks, radio, or podcasts (like the New Yorker Fiction Podcast). Like most people, I have a regular commute, so that’s almost 2 hours per day. Before I had a smartphone, I listened to audiobooks on an iPod. Before that, a mini-disk player. Before that, tapes (!). I had a tape of Simon Armitage reading ‘Wild Blue Yonder’ (selected poems) that I pretty much wore out on an Aiwa personal cassette player. I love the feeling of being read to; the immediacy and intimacy.

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Sports writing: Martin Whiteley interview

Martin Whiteley writes for The News Hub, as a sports writer. Here Stephanie Cox interviews him about his interest in sport, the industry and being a sports writer.

1. Please give us an introduction to yourself and your previous work.

I have always been a lover of writing, ever since I was in school, and have always been passionate about sports. I first started writing to make some extra money while working as an assistant to the golf professional at Springhead Park golf course in Hull. Since then, I’ve contributed to golf magazines and have written for Beyond the Benches, Exclusive Sports Media, IRL Media, and others. My latest project has been writing sports articles for The News Hub.
There is a rapidly increasing number of online platforms for news writing and reporting, and this is especially true of sports writing.

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