Lean in 15

On publishing Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15: Carole Tonkinson interview

Carole Tonkinson is the founder of Bluebird and publisher of the record-breaking Number One bestseller Lean in 15 by Joe Wicks, The Body Coach. Here Norah Myers interviews her.

Juliet Mushens

Juliet Mushens wins BookMachine blogger award 2015

Publishing folks all over the world have taken to sharing their knowledge with others on the BookMachine blog – from India to Spain and over in Australia too.

We decided to recognise the talented writing on the site by launching a blogging award. Using Google analytics we picked the most viewed blog posts of 2015 and asked readers to vote for their favourite.

The winning blogger of 2015, as picked by BookMachine readers, is Juliet Mushens. Juliet will be winning an annual BookMachine membership, a bottle of something tasty, and a selection of BookMachine blooks.

We will also be extending the award to Norah Myers, who took the initiative to contact and interview Juliet on behalf of BookMachine. A huge thanks to Norah for making this all happen.

If you think you have what it takes to write a winning blog for publishing professionals in 2016, email Sam with your idea.

As a reminder the blog posts were:

1. Blogger: Nick Robinson

This blog abandons the theory that ‘content is always king’ and establishes what replaced this in 2015.


2. Blogger: Mike Shatzkin

This blog summarises succinctly what authors should think about to ensure they have a basic online marketing strategy in place.


3. Blogger: Juliet Mushens

Juliet uses Social Media a lot (has over 14,000 followers on Twitter). Here she shares some tips for publishers and authors.


4. Blogger: Chris Ward

This blog announced the publication of two more Terry Pratchett novels, following on from the author’s death.


5. Blogger: Ricardo Fayet

Ricardo suggests that ISBNs could be replaced with a new system, based on using the data more intelligently.


6. Blogger: Christopher Norris

This post had the most number of comments of all blogs in 2015 – it is a list of 24 insights into the future of publishing.


ali muirden audio books

On audio books and their future: Ali Muirden interview

Ali Muirden divides her time between running her own digital publishing company, Creative Content and working on a freelance and consultancy basis for her publishing clients, specialising in audio producing/directing, publishing and also casting audio book projects on their behalf. She is a multi Audie Award winning and Grammy nominated audio book producer and director. Here BookMachine’s Laura Summers interviews her.
Ferrari 250 GTO

3D: On fast cars and ebooks

In the first of an occasional series, 3D: Three Questions on Design, Toby Hopkins of Getty Images asks Martin Stockham, the man behind new electronic publishing house Monza Books about designing for digital. Monza’s first publications, The Racing Car: Ferrari 250 GTO by Doug Nye, newly updated with a foreword by Pink Floyd drummer and race car collector Nick Mason, and The Racing Car: Porsche 917 by Ray Hutton, just released, are both available from Monza’s site.

Sherna Khambatta

On being a Literary Agent in India: Sherna Khambatta interview

Sherna Khambatta founded Sherna Khambatta Literary Agency in 2007 after gaining a Msc. in Publishing. At the time, the publishing system in India didn’t have many agents so she saw this as an opportunity to bring in a certain amount of structure into the industry and help authors get their work sold. Here Stephanie Cox interviews her.

Sarah O'Halloran

From Scout to Agent: Sarah O’Halloran interview

Sarah O’Halloran is a brand new literary agent working at the Madeleine Milburn Agency. She began her career at The Agency (London) Ltd, before working at Curtis Brown and The Marsh Agency. Most recently she was a literary scout at Louise Allen-Jones Associates where she worked across all markets with a particular focus on children’s and YA.

Nathan Connolly

On experimenting with digital: Nathan Connolly interview

Nathan Connolly is the Publishing Director of Dead Ink Books. Dead Ink was founded in 2010, set up with funding from Arts Council England as a digital-only press. At a time when ebooks were really just starting to blow up, Dead Ink were experimenting with what a book could be. Dead Ink’s focus is now based on two strands: the first is to develop the careers of new literary authors and the second is to do that through experimentation with digital technology in publishing.  Here Stephanie Cox interviews him.

Darren Laws

Caffeine Nights Publishing: Interview with Darren Laws

Darren Laws is the founder, owner and managing director of Caffeine Nights Publishing, independent publisher of crime and horror fiction in paperback, ebook and app formats. Here Stephanie Cox interviews him.

karen sullivan

The benefits and risks of independent publishing: Karen Sullivan interview

Karen Sullivan founded the independent publisher, Orenda Books, a little under a year ago. They publish literary and crime/thriller fiction. Karen moved to the UK from Canada at the age of 21 and worked for a small independent publisher before forging a career as a health editor and writer. Here Stephanie Cox interviews her on the benefits and risks for independent publishers.

Kevin Duffy

On independent publishing and the North: Kevin Duffy interview

Kevin Duffy founded the independent publisher, Bluemoose Books, with his wife, Hetha, after re-mortgaging their house. He’s been involved in sales and marketing for the last 30 years with commercial, academic, fiction and non-fiction publishing companies. Here Stephanie Cox interviews him.

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