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BookMachine Weekly BookWrap: publishing stories from around the web

The standout news this week is that Amazon’s Kindle Tablet Is Very Real. I’ve Seen It, Played With It. Hmm.

Keeping up with industry trends is a tricky business these days. To help out, here’s 15 People You Should Follow (and Why). There’s also The three-headed Hydra of Publishing that’s consuming itself to be aware of, but leaving that aside for now, here’s The Article Everyone Who Loves Books Should Read.

Meanwhile, as Huffington Post Starts Publishing E-Books, Red Lemonade explain,Why We’re DRM-Free (and it’s not because we trust you…)“.

As some would have it this week, we’re Turning the Page on the Book Industry, and Publishers Are Squandering Their Cachet On Imprints. Nevertheless, It’s still good to have gatekeepers.

And finally, Book publishing: Let me tell you a story…

BookMachine Weekly BookWrap: publishing stories from around the web

In arguably the week’s biggest piece of publishing news, Amazon registers and, but why? (hint: they’re probably not launching a new line of cookware). That revelation came as two equally persuasive cases were made for and against digital publishing: self-published American thriller writer Michael Prescott’s three 99-cent e-books hit the Best-Selling Books list, suggesting a healthy future for authors in the electronic age, whilst Ewan Morrison brewed a storm of controversy in Edinburgh by asking Are books dead, and can authors survive?

BookMachine Weekly BookWrap: publishing stories from around the web

So, this week Border’s bankruptcy was confirmed: They were Done in by its own stupidity, not the Internet, claims Slate. Elsewhere,  Google Strikes  a Deal With J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore for Harry Potter Ebooks and we see a Startup Plotting a Pandora for Books.

BookMachine Weekly BookWrap: publishing stories from around the web

The week started with outrage at the Amazon Book Depository Engulfment, and as the UK government chews it over, there was fresh food for thought as it was  suggested Changes in the publishing industry may cause whiplash.

These changes could come via a shake-up in traditional sales models: Here’s How A Subscription Service For E-books Could Work, meanwhile Concord Free Press are operating under the motto: Free Their Books and Their Minds Will Follow.

As Novelist John Green uses social media to push unfinished book to #1 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, new methods of online marketing are having an increasing influence on readers.

With that in mind, here’s How To Use Your Blog as Your Viral Online Publishing Hub.

BookMachine Weekly BookWrap: publishing stories from around the web

It’s been a happenin’ week to choose for this first BookWrap post: the trade is debating whether J.K Rowling’s New PotterMore Site Will change Digital Publishing. As a Self-Published Author Sells a Million E-Books on Amazon for the first time, authors are asking What Are The Publishers Doing for Us?

Yes, lots of questions, many of which were addressed at Tuesday’s Publishers Launch conference in London, where consensus was reached that the role of the book editor needs to change.

Still, as Kerouac Heads To the ipad and one publisher figures out  How To Run A News Site And Newspaper Using WordPress And Google Docs, dramatically cutting production costs, it’s good to see that publishing innovation abounds.


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