Wednesday Wisdom: Mindfulness at Work

Live interview with Ashley Lodge (Mindfulness Teacher and Consultant)

Join BookMachine on Wednesday 15th January 2020 at 1pm for a short yet inspiring discussion on mindfulness.

What kind of exercises can we do daily to make us more mindful in what we are doing? How can we encourage stressed out colleagues to adopt mindful practice into their working day?

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Ashley Lodge has been practising mindfulness since 2013, after completing a MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) course at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. He then trained as a teacher in delivering Workplace Mindfulness  through The Mindfulness Exchange (2016) and in delivering The Frantic World Mindfulness course for non-clinical populations through the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (2019). Since 2017 he has been Pearson UK’s Mindfulness Lead, developing and delivering their programme of mindfulness courses. Over the last two years he has delivered a one-hour intro course to over 650 employees, a six-week Workplace Mindfulness course to 350 people and Mindfulness for Innovation course to 150 people across all levels of Pearson UK. Ashley also runs his own Mindfulness and Coaching consultancy.