3 Editorial Roles at Oriel Square [JOB POSTING]

Oriel Square - job posting

The team at Oriel Square are currently recruiting to their growing editorial team! They are looking for talented editors with an interest in digital educational publishing in these three roles:

Please click through to the job description for details of how to apply.

About Oriel Square:

Oriel Square is a young and growing company delivering high-quality publishing services to UK and international schools and ELT publishing. From large prestigious courses to bespoke work for small institutions, we lend resource, skill and creativity wherever it’s needed in educational content development. We’re located in central Oxford, and have well-established links with the major global educational publishers, here in Oxford and elsewhere. You should expect this role to develop as we do.


Oriel Square is active in many aspects of schools publishing, and in education more broadly. We are looking for perceptive and creative input into these activities, and all members of staff can expect involvement as we grow and explore.

We will invest in the right candidates to make sure that you and we remain properly informed, experienced and skilled to react to change in the market and growth in our business and scope.

Our full-time 28-hour/four-day working week

Our working week is shorter than that of many employers, but we get at least as much done without sacrificing quality. We believe there are huge benefits both at work and at home from keeping to regular, focused working hours. While there will always be occasions when private life can intrude, we believe that our week makes plenty of time for regular life admin to happen outside work time. Our 28-hour week doesn’t mean less work – this is a full-time job.