About Nicola Esson

Nicola Esson is Production Manager at HL Studios; a collective of creative, self motivated individuals with bags of experience in the ever changing world of print and digital media. Enjoyed this? Then you can find similar musings on the HL Studios blog or on Twitter. You will also be able to ‘live chat’ to us as we prop up the bar at the forthcoming Oxford Bookmachine event!

How publishing for different devices impacts design [SPONSORED POST]

Many design companies, like us here at HL Studios, come from a print or web-based background and have had to do some serious upgrading (of software, equipment and especially skills) to keep up with the multitude of digital devices available on the market today. Designing for these devices is quite complex, as each device has […]

The benefits of animation for educational publishers [VIEWPOINT]

This is a guest post from Nicola Esson of HL Studios, sponsors of BookMachine Oxford, happening this Thursday 6th September at the Ashmolean Dining Room. Picture the technology available when you were a child… I dont know about you but, I dont consider myself to be that old (30’s ahem) and things were pretty shabby. […]