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The Value of Your Face The Global Face Index Human beings in the year 2064AD are valued by their Faces. This is based on a Global Face Index (GFI), which measures a person's Face Value based on life experiences, trainings, skills, psychological and physiological attributes. What happens when the wrong people in society have the highest Face Value and only one man knows how to control the Face Value Index before the world is controlled by fanatics and the criminally insane in society? *** The New Face Recognition System In a world where identity fraud came to be a common occurrence there was need for a new face recognition system to be able to check the identity of a person. In the future there are more people experiencing identity theft, which is in a large part due to the digital footprints we leave in cyberspace. In a world where the worth of a person is measured by his or her wealth, it was necessary for an evaluation system to be created where the skills and influence of a person could be measured. The evaluation score obtained by this ingenious method was intricate, unique making it possible for any person to get the job or career which would be ideal for the individual, so that maximum experience, joy and satisfaction were gained in the short and long terms. At the Face Value Headquarters a group of ten individuals watch the screen in a high security building. The Social Media values are rising and falling of individuals around the world. The woman in charge of the operations Merle Grayson is studying the charts with interest. The Global Face Index or GFI is the main program which evaluates all the faces of mankind from children to adults. https://www.amazon.com/VALUE--SOCIAL-THRILLER-KILLER-THRILL-ebook/dp/B01KDAABVY/

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