Futureproofs helps editors, proofreaders, designers and authors to save time, effort and money as they handle their proofs. It does this by letting them work effectively on-screen, with tools that are actually designed for publishing. Its innovative on-screen markup tools let you mark corrections quickly and easily, based on the BSI or Chicago styles. It also lets you collaborate effectively to resolve queries, and to keep control of your projects using real-time data about your team's progress.


John Pettigrew

John Pettigrew has been working in publishing for over 16 years for employers and clients including Elsevier, Nature/Macmillan, Cambridge University Press and the NHS. Most recently, he led the digital programme for International Education at Cambridge University Press. Before entering publishing, John received his BA and PhD in Natural Sciences and Genetics from the University of Cambridge. With a firm background in editorial work and strong management experience, John leads the team behind Futureproofs, providing strategic direction and customer insight.


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