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A collection of Eighteen thriller short stories about love, fantasy and romance. 1.The Death of Reuben: A Vampire, a poisoned man and a psychotic killer. What do the three have in common? 2.The Sound of Rats: A woman with psychic powers and the hunger of rodents. 3.Son of Cyrus: The power of a Cyclop in the present age. 4.The Shape of the Claw: Prowling the city streets for adventure. 5.The Window Cleaner and the Werewolf: Saving a life and finding love. 6.The Stairway in the Mountain: Paranormal Investigators make an amazing discovery while on their quest for the unexplained and the supernatural. 7.The Angel in the Stone: An ancient curse, an angel and a Museum guard. 8.The Luxury Liner to Hades: Captain of the Death Ship taking its passengers to Hades. 9.Wigwams in Hyde Park, London: A Carnival of history in one place and the mystery is revealed. 10.Painting and loving the News: Erotic art of a beautiful News Reader. 11.Adam’s Visions of the Future: The simple Secret to Living the Law of Attraction. 12.Damaged Hearts 13.Love Drug 14.Pieces of Lonely Hearts 15.Igniting Embers of Love 16.Clouds of Despair 17.Shape of Passion 18.Under the Egyptian Moon

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