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Reaper Harvester

I am a Reaper and Harvester Ruled by the Warriors of Guzon I have trained for over twenty years on my planet Ombidiron to be a Reaper Harvester. A Reaper is trained to plant seeds on barren planets. The Reaping begins after the season draws to an end and the seeds have grown into strong healthy plants. The Sower masterfully plants the special seeds at the start of the season on the fertile soil. When the harvest season arrives the Sower becomes the Reaper and gathers the abundance given forth by the soil of the planet. The Warrior races of Guzon wipe entire planets of their inhabitants. Every creature and plant is destroyed on a captured planet. * The Gods of Frosho Never Sleep The Gods of Frosho were never silent. These Gods were three large statues with grotesque countenances which looked down at the people from the mountain top. These elaborately carved idols were worshipped by the people of the village and by all the natives of the planet. The Gods of Frosho would speak in thunderous tones. The voices of the Gods came from the mouths of the elders of the village.

Laura Attraction

Laura and The Law of Attraction Laura Jones Wants to Receive A Million Dollars Today Laura Jones wants to get rich and receive a million dollars today, was what the young Laura was chanting every day for the last two weeks. There was just one more week to go before the sixteen year old would get her millions. On the last day of the third week of the teenager chanting her wish for a million dollars, all she got were six gifts for her seventeenth birthday. The gifts were a colourful notebook, a stationery set, complete with pens and notepads. She also received a box of chocolates, a teddy bear from her boyfriend Steve, a harmonica and a gift certificate for a course on a drawing class. *The Law of Attraction Works Laura watched the programme on the “Law of Attraction” and mentally she made notes about all the exciting possibilities which were promised in the show. There was a lot of talk about being positive and about the magnetic power of visualization. After the programme Laura sat down in her balcony and made notes about all that she could remember about the Law of Attraction. It did seem to work for so many people. There were Testimonials and proof produced on the Law of Attraction show that made it all very hard to imagine that it could be just another New Age scam.


Silent Earth The Earthquake Begins The earth was silent like it always is. We are used to the Earth being a silent witness to the events which happen on it. There was not a sound, not even a whisper. The land started to crack, fissures started to appear. The earthquake had started and the hard earth was cracking like old parchment. ??? The Universal League of Story Builders The earth was noisy now, it was making itself heard and not in a good way. The sound coming out of the earth was a soft hiss at first and then the hissing started to increase in volume. A green gas starts to seep out from the cracks. The quakes continue. There is nothing that anyone can do to stop an earthquake. It seems that there is a creature moving under the crust of the earth. A creature with the intention to kill humanity, as it seems to strike every region where there are human residences. The members of the Universal League of Story Builders were at the scene of the earthquakes all around the city, but it seemed to be everywhere. The Universal League of Story Builders were always close at hand to save people and the world, whenever there was a story unfolding.


Stone Cold Gargoyles Elderly Stoned I see stone figures when I arrive. The stony figures are of people, elderly people. These stone figures are very realistic to look at. It is then that I realize that these are the residents of the care home for the elderly who have been turned to stone. ??? The Aging Gargoyle Virus Fifteen residents and four of the workers were turned to stone and they were sitting at the dinner table, having had their meals interrupted. I noticed half eaten food on the plates and the residents appeared to be in the process of having their meals when they were turned to stone. In a matter of seconds she falls off the chair dead and onto the soft red carpeted floor of the recording studio. No one rushes to help her for fear of getting contaminated with the aging virus. ??? The Gargoyle Epidemic The gargoyles step onto the ledge of the balcony over the open riverside and the dock areas. On the other side of the river is the City of Fedorn, a city still untouched by the Gargoyle virus. This was an epidemic which could destroy the cities and the whole population of Chalmerpolis. It would not be long before Chalmerpolis was sealed off from the rest of the world.


The Diamond of Saphnoroc The Stolen Incan Diamond The Incan Diamond of Saphnoroc is stolen. The mysterious Storyteller must recover the Diamond of Immortality to its rightful owner. The Storyteller wears the cloak of story and he or she is able to access all the stories that have taken place and which will take place in the world, we live in or in the world’s unknown to man but visited by the Storyteller. ??? The Fiery Diamond The fiery coloured diamond of Saphnoroc is a symbol of nobility. It is considered to be the most magnificent of all the gems known to man. The magical diamond is the stone of Kings and the Queen of all the gems. There are a lot of legends of the cursed Diamond of Saphnoroc. ??? The Eye of the Golden Goddess The Incan High Priest takes the Diamond from the Eye of the Golden Goddess on the high podium. He raises it to the heavens and yells in his native tongue, “Save Us Giant Gods” The people are gathered around him as they kneel in reverence and keep chanting. The chanting continues until it reaches a crescendo. As the warriors approach the village, they are unable to reach the people, who are surrounded by the tall spires of flames, which seem to protect the village. One of the conquistadors, throws a spear through the barrier of flames and it goes right through the High Priest of the Inca Tribe. The multicoloured Diamond of Saphnoroc falls to the earth.


The Murdered Merman Killing of a Myth “Has a myth been killed?” I ask myself, as I receive news about the death of a Merman. However, in this case it is the death of a merman who was part of an Amusement Park entertainment performance. ??? Injustice the disease Our Earth is not the only place where there is injustice. Injustice is a disease which originates in the mind of a being and which spreads like a virus till it contaminates the mind of a person, his friends, his family, the neighbourhood, the city and ultimately the world. Injustice is a universal affliction of creation across time, space, worlds, galaxies and universes. ??? The Merman Killer Was the crime carried out at this public place done by someone who was familiar with the area and by someone who knew how to carry out this crime? It is possible, that such a crime was committed before by the murderer and that the murderer was never caught? The method used to kill the victim was done with the skill and precision of a professional.

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