Technology still needs an audience

Technology still needs an audience

In a technological age we all have to think that little bit more about what we say, how we say it and where we say it. After all, what’s said on Google, stays on Google. Well mostly. That’s not to say technology is a hindrance, far from it. It has helped create a platform for […]

3 lessons writers can learn from the music industry

3 lessons writers can learn from the music industry

This is a guest blog from Christopher Russell, author of Mockstars, a music novel inspired by his international tour diaries for rock/pop band The Lightyears. As someone who has spent over a decade in the trenches of the music industry, when I migrated into the book world last year I was delighted to find that […]

Independent Publishing: Scottish Literature and the Referendum [ESSAY]

Independent Publishing: Scottish Literature and the Referendum [ESSAY]

In this essay, BookMachine contributor, Glasgow native and holder of two hitherto useless degrees in Scottish Literature Chris Ward attempts to explain some of the factors behind the overwhelmingly positive show of support for independence from the Scottish literary community.

Off the shelf and behind the cupboard…

If it wasn’t enough trying to write a book and/or getting it onto peoples bookshelves, now we’re being told how we might need to cull certain titles from such shelves, especially if we’re looking to sell our home. According to TV homes expert Sarah Beeny, homeowners trying to sell their property should hide self-help manuals […]

Authors Need to Know Their Rights

When it comes to working in the rights and licensing field it’s not uncommon to be bombarded with questions, especially from indie and self-published authors. In fairness these haven’t always been the simplest of areas to get to grips with and, whilst this is undoubtedly improving, there remains a worrying lack of understanding surrounding the […]

Seek permission before reproducing something

Tom Chalmers is Managing Director at IPR License. The writer Charles Caleb Colton once said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but in reality that’s not always true, and I’m not just referring to the mocking of Craig David from the old Bo’ Selecta days. In publishing imitation can often be more aligned […]

From small eggs grow mighty IPOs: cracking open the Chegg story

This is a guest post from Anna Faherty, an experienced publisher and an award-winning writer and lecturer. Anna teaches on the Kingston University Publishing MA and also works on print and digital projects across the publishing and museum sectors. Her online training courses are used by a wide range of professionals, including global publishers. Follow […]

An interesting tale about licensing revenue streams

Tom Chalmers is Managing Director at IPR License. Everyone loves a worst, best, average, largest, smallest, most bizarre top 10, top 20, or even top 149 list, don’t they?   Or is it just me. Many of these relate to dodgy book covers, terrible titles, opening lines with the strongest impact and my personal favourite the […]

Navigating the collaborative whirlpool: five tips for gliding through challenging publishing projects

We’ve all encountered the notion that being thrown into the deep end of the pool is the most effective way to learn how to swim. But really, it’s the most effective way to defeat the fear of sinking (when you eventually realize you can float). Managing collaborative projects feels much the same; if you jump […]

The advent of online global platforms

Tom Chalmers is Managing Director at IPR License. Believe it or not it is 40 years, give or take a week, since the first mobile telephone call was made. Martin Cooper, a former Motorola employee, is said to have rang the boss of a rival manufacturer to inform him that he’d lost the race to […]