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‘Is there editing anymore?’ A Failure to Communicate

I would like to say that I walked away from last week’s FutureBook conference filled with the confidence that, as Dominique Racca of Sourcebooks believes, 2012 is going to be the most important year for publishers, or that we will find that extra 20% of the day we lost down the back of the couch sometime last century and put it to use imagining and innovating like Stephen Page of Faber says we should, but unfortunately the resounding echo in my mind is neither of these brilliant voices. Instead, what has stuck with me more than anything is the sound of one voice in the audience braying into the microphone:

‘Do people edit anymore? Are there still… editors?’

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Why Copy-Editing Skills is the ideal course for anyone looking to break into publishing…

When I left university I knew I wanted to work in publishing. I jumped straight in and got in touch with The Publishing Training Centre and luckily secured an internship. One attractive benefit of being an intern at The Publishing Training Centre is that you are allowed to attend a course of your choice. Having editorial work in mind, I chose Copy-Editing Skills, a three-day intensive course that covers everything you could possibly need to know about proofreading and copy-editing, which are two of the main duties of editorial assistants.

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Making Transitions in your Publishing Career

Changing the direction of your career in publishing may be a challenge but if you are determined, prepared, and take a realistic approach, it should not be impossible. Helen Speedy from Atwood Tate has some insightful suggestions:

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Making your ‘out of office’ permanent: on going freelance

Tom Ashton (AKA Ashton Editorial) has been a freelance project manager for nearly a    year  now. Here he shares an overview of his experience. I must say, he does look rather happy!

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Finding work in Publishing

At the last BookMachine event we were pleased to meet Sam Coleman from Atwood Tate. He’s certainly a man in the know if you’re looking for a job, as he speaks to recruiters in the industry every day. Here he shares some tips for finding work.

Times have certainly changed since I started work as a Production Assistant for a distinguished publishing house only a decade ago. Now, rather than massaging strained biceps from carrying piles of carefully packaged proofs from desk to desk, we harp on about carpel tunnel syndrome and ponder deep thoughts about metadata. The era of Digital publishing is upon us and, like a towering Galactus it’s going nowhere.

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