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Top 5 digital promo tools: Part 2 – Mobile

There’s has been a huge amount of hype around mobile apps since the New York Times declared a Gold Rush two years ago. Clients are being quoted absurdly high prices for apps. Businesses are developing them purely on the basis that ‘we need an app’ without thinking of how to promote them.

The reality is that they are important. They’re not expensive. They do require a little thought though. Here are two of the best companies active in this sector at the moment.

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Top 5 digital promo tools: Part 1 – Audio

In an era where you’re competing with umpteen websites, Facebook feeds, Twitter streams and mobile apps – promoting new books and publications can be somewhat daunting.

Over the course of the next few days, I’ll show you a few tools that are highly effective, low cost (or free) ways of promoting books and authors, engaging with readers and generally doing all you can to sell more books.

The first area we’ll look at is audio. Often overlooked in the rush to create YouTube videos or trailers; audio is still hugely popular. I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a project that I’ve worked on where the number of audio streams accessed or number of podcasts downloaded hasn’t ended up surprising me and my clients alike. It’s definitely worth thinking using a tool like Soundcloud as part of your promotional efforts.

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5 of the best book trailers

This is BookMachine’s first ‘Best of’ post – as such, I wholeheartedly hope you find it to be outrageously wrong.

Has there ever been one of these lists you’ve looked at and thought: you know what, that’s spot on, they’ve really nailed that one there?

Nope? Good. That would be mighty boring.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, by Seth Grahame-Smith

First up, this one is rapidly becoming a cult classic, who knew that the great man was also handy with a stake?

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33 cities and counting: how Literary Death Match crowdsourced its way around the world

Todd Zuniga

Literary Death Match is a competitive literary night which began in New York and has spread to 33 cities worldwide, including London, Cardiff, Dublin and Glasgow. Here founder Todd Zuniga tells all…

Wakatake Onikoroshi: Fuel for “Bright Literary Ideas”

Literary Death Match was hashed out one early NYC evening, over spicy tuna rolls and hamachi sashimi. The question was how to make readings fun? The usual readings, we discovered, were: one reader shined, one went way too long, the other was lazily plodding through a blog entry they’d defecated earlier that afternoon. So, our sake-fueled yammering basically asked: how do we get only readers who shine? Tall task, until ComedyCentral.com’s Dennis DiClaudio jokingly said the words, “Literary Death Match.”

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