Facebook & Instagram marketing campaigns that drive results

Set up, optimise and review your ads.

Course overview 

A practical, data-driven approach to creating more effective social advertising campaigns – from starting a new Facebook or Instagram campaign from scratch, and understanding different optimisation goals and key terminology along the way, to targeting the most appropriate audience.

This course will also cover the next steps to consider, whether it’s how to keep optimising after your campaign has gone live or interpreting the data once your campaign has finished – and, crucially, how you can use these insights to keep improving your future campaigns. 

Course outcomes:

  • Learn how to set up your ads, from your goals and audience to copy and testing
  • Reach the right audience through segmentation and targeting
  • Understand the value of building variants into your campaigns
  • Optimise your campaigns to get the most from your budget spend
  • Use data and analytics from previous campaigns to glean insights for the future

Who is this course for?

  • Marketers who are new to running paid ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram  – and who wish to launch their first campaign with confidence.
  • Marketing professionals who have run one or two campaigns in the past but need to brush up on their skills – and analyse and build on their old campaign data.
  • Publishing hopefuls who are interested in marketing roles and would like to learn more about setting up successful campaigns to reach the right readers.

Your Course Leader

Rachel Quin 1

Rachel is a freelance publishing professional with over eight years of experience and a passion for commercial fiction and non-fiction, digital marketing and most importantly, cats. Previously in-house at Collins and HarperFiction developing award-winning marketing campaigns (as well as tweeting memes from HarperVoyager), she now works across publishers with previous clients including Canongate, Hachette, Penguin Random House, Bloomsbury, HarperCollins and several independent publishers.

Follow Rachel on Twitter @rachelmayquin and Instagram @rachelquinmarketing

Visit Rachel’s website www.rachelquin.com 


‘Rachel is brimming with great ideas and enthusiasm; she knows the market inside out and even has a special talent for getting ahead of it. She taught me, with humour and patience, everything I know about Twitter, and ran some fantastic campaigns on Facebook with some outstanding response rates.’

Susan Lewis, Sunday Times bestselling author

‘Whether you need an astute copy-writer, a campaign manager or someone to shed insight on your data-analytics, you’ll be in safe hands. Rachel has a pragmatic can-do attitude, spots market insights that others might easily overlook and is generous with her expertise. She would be an asset to any team or project, I would hire her in a heartbeat.’

Helena Markou, Subject Coordinator, Oxford Brookes University

‘Rachel worked in the Canongate team, instantly slotting in as a valuable team member. She got up to speed on campaigns swiftly and efficiently and delivered them using creativity, initiative and good market knowledge.’

Alice Shortland, Marketing Director, Canongate

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