Social media listening strategies for publishers

Get to know your readers and platforms.

Course overview

No matter the size of the company, marketing departments in publishing houses have little time to dedicate to social media listening as, the moment one campaign is done they are busy at work creating the next one. According to Echobox’s latest report, most publishers want to focus on content creation and engaging their readers on social media, but one of their biggest mistakes is not spending enough time getting to know social media first.

Without some social media monitoring work at the start to understand your online reputation, where your readers are and how your authors are perceived, teams risk spending time creating unfocused content and trying to engage in the wrong ways.

In this course you will learn social media listening strategies to help you identify useful findings that can make a difference for your marketing.

Course outcomes

  • Discover techniques for monitoring keywords, hashtags, audience engagement and more
  • Tailor your approach for Twitter, Instagram, BookTok and other platforms
  • Build your awareness of gathering insights via reviews and review sites
  • Learn how to summarise your findings for busy teams and managers

Who is this course for?

  • Marketers in publishing who wish to analyse and build on their organisation’s online reputation, what platforms their readers gather on and how their authors are discussed.
  • Editorial professionals who work closely with authors and who need to expand their awareness of how their company is perceived.
  • Anyone working in the industry who is interested in finding out how readers online are responding to your books, ethos, campaigns and authors.

Your Course Leader

Veronica Ferrari is an editorial and publishing consultant, a social media analyst and a writer. She has a background in Communications, Journalism and Publishing and 6 years of experience in Social Media and Media Monitoring helping international clients, including leading educational publishers, with social media analysis and insight. In 2021 she created More Than Just Views to help writers and authors promote their books.


Veronica has worked with Social360 in social media analysis for 6 years with a broad range of clients globally. She understands client pressures and priorities, provides strategic commercially focused support and insight, and leads complex projects. She has prolific knowledge of the ins and outs of effective monitoring, and is an invaluable go to for consultancy advice.

Celina Bublik
Global Head of Content, Social360

I booked a phone call with Veronica to talk about a social media strategy for my latest novel. She not only displayed a clear understanding of the marketing needs for my genre, but had clearly done a lot of additional research prior to our call. Her recommendations were specific and achievable and I would highly recommend her for her knowledge of this field.

Sasha Greene
Author of the books ‘Trust’ and ‘Something Like Happy’

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Course Includes

  • 6 Modules