DO MORE by automating your content production. Professional layouts that take mere minutes, instead of months? It’s possible, with Typefi! Typefi is a world-leading automated publishing platform built on Adobe InDesign Server, that enables your team to rapidly produce content using dynamic InDesign templates, and design-driven intelligence. Typefi is designed to streamline in-house production, saving your team time, money, and layout headaches. Creating content for print or online, e-books, HTML, XML? Do it all from a single source of content! Working in Word, an online authoring platform, or assembling modular content from a CMS? Typefi seamlessly pulls content from wherever you manage it. You maintain creative control, while your Typefi software smoothly takes care of all the typesetting drudge work. Say goodbye to manual errors, time-consuming layout changes, reformatting for different outputs, and waiting for outsourcers to deliver revisions—create perfectly-designed content every time, fast! Visit typefi.com to learn more.

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