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  • The Naked Editor

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    Scripture Union Publishing
    Milton Keynes

    Digitally sophisticated editor looking for new opportunities
  • Laura Summers
    Laura Summers - "Looking forward to hearing all about BookMachine/TLS event tomorrow night! Few tickets here:"View


    Marketing professional helping small to mid-sized publishers with events and marketing. Co-founder of BookMachine.
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    Bridgeman Images

    An expert in licensing digital content; I help publishers tell their stories with outstanding art, images and video.
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  • Profile picture of barbarawilsoneditor

    Southmoor Editing
    UK: Devon and Scotland

    Copy-editor and proofreader with a background in business consulting.
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    Clays Ltd

    Sales Executive at Clays
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    active 1 month, 1 week ago

    Hertford , UK

    Designer and co-founder of Tapocketa
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    tapocketa_trevor - "Just posted our first project. For anyone interested in animated/enhanced ebooks it would be great if you could take a look. Feedback welcome."View

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  • Profile picture of Sebastian Posth

    Publishing Data Networks

    Publisher, ebook professional, publishing consultant and entrepreneur with a strong focus on international digital distribution of ebook content, marketing and data analysis as well as data guided retail marketing.
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    Christopher Norris - "Saturday next, 3rd Author Awards, London: Here is the website for the workshop day and Awards’ dinner where I’m presenting, exhibiting and judging on 24 March 2018: My involvement is […]"View

    Jolabokaflod CIC AND CopyGhosting Publishing Services

    Media, publishing and social entrepreneur
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    Can of Worms

    Can of Worms Enterprises facilitates the production of great creative projects across a broad range of media.

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