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Public Speaking for Introverts

The business of accessibility: content that is more usable is more valuable

Guests at BookMacine

I have to finally accept that it’s too late to say ‘Happy New Year’, but we’re right on time to say ‘Happy new Unplugged series!’ The 2019 series of BookMachine Unplugged events kicked off on Wednesday 20 February at a new venue, The Century Club, with a focus on the theme of accessibility. BookMachine Editorial Board member Ken Jones, our Production specialist, and his panel Huw Alexander, Stacy Rowe and Alicia Wise provided important insights into why accessibility matters and what we need to be doing about it.

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make audiobooks more accessible

Accessibility matters: how we developed an app to make audiobooks more accessible

After 30 years in academic publishing (the final 13 years at board level) Jo Burges now co-runs i-Publishing Consultants. The team specialises in working with publishers, cultural heritage organisations and the not-for-profit sector to help them make the very best use of technology and information management and to engage effectively with their customers and members.

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The elderly get techy with iPads – Part 1

David and Marjorie are in their late 80’s, both are retired teachers. (David a maths teacher and Marjorie a music teacher) They love socialising, meeting new people and looking after their friends and relatives. This has become increasingly more difficult for Marjorie over the last 10 years or so as she is sadly now nearly completely blind.

A couple of weeks ago over dinner David was asking me about my job and how it was going. He was enthusiastically listening about all of the exciting things our company has lined up this year and how new technology is changing the way we work. One of those pieces of technology is of course the iPad. Which when mentioned David’s ears pricked up and he started asking all sorts of questions as his Grandson had suggested he get one. My initial reaction was “yeah I’m sure your Grandson thinks it would be a marvelous idea for you to get an iPad!” But as David explained his worries of postage costs going up, they send up to 140 Christmas cards plus all of the letters and cards they send throughout the year, he is thinking that going electronic might be the way forward for them. You soon start to realise the huge potential the iPad has for them.

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