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Frankfurt Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again when the publishing world heads off to Frankfurt for a few days of meetings, parties and other shenanigans. The move to hall 6 this year is bound to throw some seasoned publishing-types off-balance, so we thought it was a good opportunity to ask some experts for their advice on how to negotiate the rest. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, or not ….

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5 Questions for Anna Lewis [INTERVIEW]

Anna LewisAnna Lewis is our host at BookMachine Unplugged on the 23rd May– having successfully created Completely Novel (a publishing community) she is now co-founder of Valobox, a pay-as-you-go eBook platform. Through launching Valobox, Anna has lots of experience collaborating with publishers and is in an ideal position to host our Unplugged event in London, which celebrates the culture of collaboration in publishing.

We wanted to know a little bit more about Anna, so here are 5 questions…


Eventbrite - BookMachine Unplugged in London

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ValoBox introduces ‘pay as you go’ books

Last year at Publishing Now, we were intrigued by Anna Lewis and Oliver Brooks, and their plans to launch Valobox, a platform to allow bite-sized purchasing from books. A year later and they have just announced that they are working with O’Reilly in the US and Profile, Guardian Books, Constable & Robinson and SnowBooks in the UK. Exciting times for Valobox. Anna Lewis explains their model and how it works.

Last week I was really happy to announce the official launch of ValoBox.

Like a ‘YouTube for books’, with an iTunes purchase model ValoBox makes books available on demand through your web browser, and lets you buy individual chapters or even pages.

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5 top publishing partnerships and collaborations

In the run up to the launch of BookMachine.me I’ve picked out some of the top publishing partnerships and collaborations around. I hope it gives you some inspiration to get out there and start collaborating! … and also to come to the launch of BookMachine.me at BookMachine Unplugged on 7th November.

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What we’ve learned from writers on CompletelyNovel – a ‘read-this first’ for self publishers

Anna LewisThis is a guest post from Anna Lewis, who co-founded the book technology company CompletelyNovel with Oli Brooks in 2008. Since then, they have created CompletelyNovel.com, a community powered book-publishing platform bringing modern publishing tools to an online network of readers, writers and publishers. You can follow Anna on Twitter via @anna_cn and @completelynovel.


There is endless advice that goes out to self-published authors about building their brand, identifying their audience and how to promote their work. This is all vital in the success of a book, but writers shouldn’t let it detract from other parts of the self-publishing process – namely, the technical and project management (let’s be honest, slightly more boring) side of things.

Working with self-publishers on CompletelyNovel has been massively inspiring. Every day we see new writers produce something that they have often been waiting many years to see in print. The advent of new tools on the internet has opened up so many doors. But, like anything, it throws up new challenges as well. So here are some dos and don’ts for aspiring self-publishers and their mentors to mull over, learned through watching the experiences of others.

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Just another post about The Future of Publishing? [EVENT]

Future of Publishing
It’s confession time. Hands up if you live outside of London and moan that ‘all the good stuff’ happens in London? I know you’re out there, I’ve met you.Well, the time as come for the Future of Publishing to reach the South Coast. It’s going to be a jam-packed day of workshops, think tanks, seminars and networking opportunities, run by Media Futures. And where is it? Bournemouth.


Who will be there? Journalists, digital media companies, writers, illustrators, photographers, magazines and newspapers will gather together to discuss what lies ahead for publishing as it faces a pivotal ‘make or break’ point in its evolution. Sounds exciting, eh?

There’s a host of expert speakers on the Future of Publishing from Alistair Horne (Cambridge University Press) to Anna Lewis (CompletelyNovel and Valobox) and Dan Franklin (Random House). You don’t need to hear it all from me though; check out the programme right here.

So, get booking your tickets, early booking ends today! Look forward to seeing you there.

Bookmachine publishing social – definitely well oiled!

Link: Bookmachine publishing social – definitely well oiled!

Thanks to Anna Lewis, who attended our publishing social last Thursday. She wrote this review on her Website completelynovel.com – click on the link above to read about it.

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