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How to best optimize your blog posts for SEO


What is Blog Optimization?

According to Hubspot:

When you optimize your web pages — including your blog posts — you’re making your website more visible to people who are looking for keywords associated with your brand, product, or service via search engines like Google.

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10 most popular BookMachine posts ever

We’re working out what to publish next here at BookMachine HQ and thought, as we were delving into the analytics, that you might appreciate a list of the most popular blog posts ever.

So here is the top 10 list:
1. Why I work in publishing – by Sarah Cullington
2. Twitter tips from a literary agent – by Juliet Mushens/Norah Myers
3. Content is no longer king. Here are 5 things that are – by Nick Robinson
4. Authors marketing themselves online: the components of a strategy – by Mike Shatzkin
5. 50 books challenge for 2015? – by Stacey Croft
6. Publishers, we need to talk – by Felice Howden
7. Time the bury the ISBN? – by Ricardo Fayet
8. The end of the Indie Gold Rush? – by Ricardo Fayet
9. How do you design the cover for the biggest book of the year? – by Toby Hopkins
10. A publisher’s guide to APIs – by Emma Barnes

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The power of visual design: How to make your blog stand out

You’ve got a blog. You’ve got Twitter. You post regularly. But how do you stand out?

Almost everyone in publishing is sharing online content but, without a loyal following, posting blog articles and tweets can feel like shouting into the void.

Luckily, there is one majorly underappreciated weapon in your social media arsenal – visual design.

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How not to blog: 7 tips

Norah Myers works on the editorial side of marketing. She sources narrative non-fiction for an independent publisher and interviews lovely publishing folk for BookMachine. Here, she shares the guide she would follow if she was just setting up a blog for the first time.

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Blook your blog: How to turn your blog posts into a book

Turning blog posts into books (or blooks) is on the rise, with companies like Blurb even offering specific production and print services. But the style, format and very nature of blogs brings new challenges to the editorial process.

BookMachine have been plotting for the next blook in the Snapshots series, Snapshots III, BookMachine on Publishing: The Next 5 Years. For the third year in a row, we’ve teamed up with Kingston University Press who have appointed a production team of students from Kingston’s Publishing MA course to design, typeset and proofread a selection of our best posts.

Having just finished collating, formatting and copy-editing the manuscript, here are 10 tips for tackling this new editorial territory.

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social media manager

Tips on working as a social media manager: Maya Ninel Robert interview

Maya Ninel Robert is the Social Producer for Mashable in the UK. Previously to this she worked for the publisher, Pan Macmillan. Here Norah Myers interviews Maya about her great job, and about working with social media.

1. Please take us through a ‘day in the life’ in your work as a social media manager.

In any one day, I’ll start by looking at what’s currently being shared and talked about on various social media platforms, looking out for trending conversations and comparing our content’s performance. A large bulk of my job is scheduling out our own content on our platforms, and seeing through a strategy that I have developed. I’m constantly on the look-out to identify gaps in the market, too, and relaying that back to my team. I work very analytically, so a lot of my day is spent testing content and reporting back useful data to my team or outlying a strategy I think would benefit our community.

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Help! I Need an Editor! [Nicola Morgan interview]

The relationship between an author and editor is a crucial one. If you get it right, it can help the whole publishing process. Here Becky Hearne interviews Nicola Morgan, author of around 90 books, to find out more.

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5 Tips for creating your own literary night

There’s something really inspiring about watching a group of people come together to create a whole new literary experience.

This time we’ve stumbled upon Letters You Never Sent.

Zakia Uddin is part of the ‘crew’ who have put it together:  “We wanted to make our event interactive. We wanted to revive the letter as a dying form of story-telling, while also reconciling our love of pop culture and great literature”.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

Dr Strangelove

Want to write a blog? Unsure how to get started? Joanna Farrow, has 5 key tips for bloggers…


First, you have to start. It would be perfect if someone could formulate a blog with a specific purpose, a blog that had a clear identity and always needed updating, this isn’t how starting a blog usually works. It might start off as a mess and might end up as something completely different than what it started out as. My blog started off just reviewing a couple of books. Now that is only a section of the blog.

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