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Transferable skills

Book Publishing has a reputation for being notoriously underpaid, but how do we even know what people are being paid?

Back in 1995, Suzanne Collier ran her first Salary Survey, causing uproar within the industry. No one ever talked about pay and publishers were highly suspicious of the survey as they thought it would lead to a rush of staff demanding rises. This didn’t materialise, although one Managing Director complained about the results because they thought the salaries were too high!

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Transferable skills

16 Transferable skills to think about

Bookcareers.com , the careers consultancy for the book industry, has helped numerous people move into publishing from other industries and transfer from sector to sector within publishing. Bookcareers is 16 years old this month (you can watch their birthday video here http://bit.ly/1MmuKnc). Its founder Suzanne Collier celebrates by identifying 16 transferrable skills for BookMachine readers, ahead of tomorrow’s event.

If you are looking to make a shift in your career, the key is to focus on your transferable skills. These are skills that are key to any industry, and not unique to book publishing. Here is a quick run through of a few:

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