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The Girl on the Train shatters sales records

Paula Hawkins’ novel The Girl on the Train has broken UK sales records this week, claiming its 20th consecutive week atop the hardback fiction bestseller lists. It overtakes Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, which stayed at number one for 19 weeks following its release in September 2009, to become the longest reigning bestseller since Nielsen BookScan began monitoring sales in 2001. Not only has it stayed at the top of the hardback chart for longer than any other title, it is second only to Brown’s The Da Vinci Code – which stayed at number one in the paperback chart for a jaw-dropping 65 weeks – in most weeks held at the top of any book chart.

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My book’s been gazumped by Dan Brown!

laura-palmerThis is a guest post from Laura Palmer, the extremely talented Editorial Director and co-founder of Head of Zeus.

When I tell people I work in fiction publishing, the first thing they want to know is whether I spend my working day reading novels. I wish I could say yes. But the truth is that if you work for a small Independent start-up, like I do, you spend a lot of time doing important-but-boring things (proofreading ISBNS, maximising discoverability by optimising territory metadata encoded in ISBNs) and not much time doing important-but-fun things (reading great scripts, schmoozing agents to persuade them to send you great scripts). The result: your isbns are perfect. Your chances of finding the next bestseller are not. When you are squeezing your search into snatched evenings, weekends, and morning commutes, it makes it all the more exciting when one falls into your lap.

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Hey girl, let Dan Brown sing to you about phone sex

In what is either one of the more leftfield viral marketing ploys in recent memory or a typically shameless Buzzfeed attempt to ride the zeitgeist to maximum page views, evidence of Dan Brown’s mythical pre-literary career as a bestselling author soft rock musician has surfaced online in concordance with today’s release of his first novel in four years, Inferno. Since there’s no way of not talking about it, we’ll get it out of the way upfront: Said evidence includes a song from 1993 about phone sex, which is exactly as subtly, insinuatingly seductive as you’d expect of a song from 1993 about phone sex written and performed by the author of The Da Vinci Code, i.e. yes, there is a blaring sax solo. Is everybody naked yet?

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Dan Brown announces latest results of book-writing algorithm

In news that has Oxfam shops the country over bracing themselves for impact, Doubleday has revealed details of the sixth novel by Dan Brown. Due for publication on May 14, Brown’s Inferno sees the return of his Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol protagonist, symbologist and fan of sensible yet casual trousers Robert Langdon. This time, Langdon will apparently be ‘drawn into a harrowing world centered on one of history’s most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces’, namely Deception Point Dante’s Inferno. Also, there will probably be Illuminati, Freemasons and/or Opus Dei. What a twist!

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Dan Brown settles into permanent, rightful home at Oxfam

Whilst the other records he’s set gradually fall by the waysideDa Vinci Code pedlar Dan Brown can at least be proud of his continued claim on one notable title: for the fourth year running, Brown is the most donated author to Oxfam shops across the UK. Of course, that’s probably just an Illuminati conspiracy to make it look like the general populace is realising there’s nothing of worth in his books beyond a single cheap thrill-filled reading and deciding it doesn’t want them clogging up its shelves, because Dan Brown gets too close to the truth, maaaan.

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