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Top 5 digital promo tools: Part 5 – Groupon

Much of the talk around Groupon recently has centered on its impending IPO. Regardless of whether you think it’s a good or bad buy, or a good or bad idea; the reality is that daily deal emails have entered into millions of everyday lives.

Top 5 digital promo tools: Part 4 – Instagram

One of the biggest reasons that Facebook has become such a behemoth was the introduction of a simple feature. The ability to tag your friends in photos and have those tags show up in friend’s news feeds was revelatory. Ask any early Facebook engineer and they will tell you that people literally spent hours just […]

Top 5 digital promo tools: Part 3 – Rewards

Behavioural economics is something that numerous online and mobile platforms have tried to corner in the recent past. Rewarding people for their behaviour and engaging with them in order to encourage loyalty is something that Foursquare, SCVNGR and many other startups are already doing. Kiip are one of the most hotly tipped companies in this […]

Top 5 digital promo tools: Part 2 – Mobile

There’s has been a huge amount of hype around mobile apps since the New York Times declared a Gold Rush two years ago. Clients are being quoted absurdly high prices for apps. Businesses are developing them purely on the basis that ‘we need an app’ without thinking of how to promote them. The reality is […]

Top 5 digital promo tools: Part 1 – Audio

In an era where you’re competing with umpteen websites, Facebook feeds, Twitter streams and mobile apps – promoting new books and publications can be somewhat daunting. Over the course of the next few days, I’ll show you a few tools that are highly effective, low cost (or free) ways of promoting books and authors, engaging […]