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10 most popular BookMachine posts ever

We’re working out what to publish next here at BookMachine HQ and thought, as we were delving into the analytics, that you might appreciate a list of the most popular blog posts ever.

So here is the top 10 list:
1. Why I work in publishing – by Sarah Cullington
2. Twitter tips from a literary agent – by Juliet Mushens/Norah Myers
3. Content is no longer king. Here are 5 things that are – by Nick Robinson
4. Authors marketing themselves online: the components of a strategy – by Mike Shatzkin
5. 50 books challenge for 2015? – by Stacey Croft
6. Publishers, we need to talk – by Felice Howden
7. Time the bury the ISBN? – by Ricardo Fayet
8. The end of the Indie Gold Rush? – by Ricardo Fayet
9. How do you design the cover for the biggest book of the year? – by Toby Hopkins
10. A publisher’s guide to APIs – by Emma Barnes

Happy reading!

Felice Howden has been writing short stories for online publications for several years. Here she talks about the re-emergence of the short story. 

In the style of so many 90s TV shows, the short story is making a comeback, and if you think Captain Planet is cool as hell, you ain’t seen nothin’. While huge publishers like Random House, and… booksellers, Amazon, are now discovering something most of us have known for years (that short fiction is the greatest writing there is) there are a bunch of publishers out there who have been promoting the form for longer than I’ve been alive.

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What BookMachine writers read in 2012

For all that BookMachine is emphatically not a site about the merits of individual books, it hopefully doesn’t come as a shock to any regular visitors that we’re all readers nonetheless, and that, as readers, we enjoy some books more than others. For my last post of the year, then – and, to be honest, mainly so I seemed less onanistic than if I had done this alone – I asked my fellow contributors to the site to pitch in on the best things we read this year. Stick two fingers up to the Mayans and join us when we return in January.

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It’s pretty well documented that January is the most depressing month of the year if you live in the UK. We’ve got nothing to look forward to except the two long months between now and the possibility of Spring, which, to be honest, is likely to be late, cold and disappointing. It seems commentators in the book world have caught this negativity virus as I’ve read more articles bleating idiotically about the demise of the printed/edited/published world this year already than I did for all of December, but let me assure you there is plenty to be excited about this year in publishing. Before we all top ourselves, let’s run through a few things that have gone right lately.

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Felice Howden, Writer and Digital Media Production assistant at OUP, writes really well so  we were really excited to read her review of last week’s party. Want to read it to? Bet you do.

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