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Wendy and the Wallpaper Cat: Jason Hook Interview

Wendy and the Wallpaper Cat

Next week author Jason Hook launches his first picture book with V&A Publishing, Wendy and the Wallpaper Cat. Illustrated by Ilaria Demonti, the book is inspired by the work of Walter Crane, a 19th century illustrator whose wallpaper designs are exhibited in the V&A. Jason told us more about the book via e-mail.

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Writing competition

4 Questions for TLAC Printing and Publishing

This is an interview with Unambiguous Edit, and Miraz Manji and Andrew Weiner of TLAC Printing and Publishing. Both groups are hosts of a writing contest, That’s Write!, in collaboration with BookMachine and Wildfire Studio.

1. Tell us a little about TLAC Printing and Publishing.

TLAC Toronto Printing & Publishing specializes in self-publishing solutions. Whether it is your first book, or your latest title, we work with any and every demographic of writer.

We’re focused on producing high quality soft cover books and providing additional services to help writers promote their masterpiece on social media.

Our company takes great pride in providing great customer service, and we’re the highest rated print and publish service provider on Google; our clients like us because we’re passionate about providing top-level service, and motivated by our desire to lead new writers towards reaching their goals.

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The first ELT Agent [INTERVIEW]

Nick RobinsonFor anyone who has been reading my previous BookMachine posts you will notice that I’ve been writing a lot about people in the ELT industry. The last post looked at a group of ELT publishing specialists who have set up ‘ELT Teacher 2 Writer’  where teachers register to a database designed to help publishers find new authors and content. They also provide training and development opportunities for authors to help write their materials.
This time I interviewed Nick Robinson about being the first ELT Agent and how he set up his company ‘Nick Robinson ELT Author Representation’.

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5 Questions for Andy Brown, Founder of The Underground Book Club [Interview]

Andy Brown - founder of The Underground Book ClubWhat I am about to tell you may both both shock and amaze, but I swear it is 100% true. There is a magazine featuring the first chapter from three new novels distributed to 10,000 commuters in and around London, and it is totally and completely free. That’s right: content distribution and discoverability innovation that isn’t digital.

The Underground Book Club is a free magazine, now on its fourth issue, of the same ilk as The Metro and The London Evening Standard, except instead of whacking you round the face with their massive horn for Boris Johnson and headlines whose puns are as subtle as a lead pipe to the kneecap, this magazine showcases incredible literature, helping authors find readers among commuters and spreading fiction far and wide. I caught up with Andy Brown, founder of The Underground Book Club, to find out what started it all, some of the challenges with the freemium model, and see where the Book Club is headed in the future. 

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Five questions for Sophia Blackwell [INTERVIEW]

Sophia BlackwellSophia Blackwell is an author, performance poet and cabaret performer. In her spare time, she’s also a marketer at Bloomsbury. Having released her debut collection of poetry, Into Temptation, in 2009, this year saw the publication of her debut novel, After My Own Heart, by independent publisher Limehouse Books. The book is available on Kindle for 99p until the end of August. Sophia will appear at the Limehouse Salon, powered by BookMachine, on Thursday 20th September.

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