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The next 5 years of publishing: Thea James interview

The next 5 years of publishing: Thea James interview

In the run up to Publishing: the next 5 years, BookMachine will be featuring a number of opinions about what might be next for the industry. Here Kristina Radke (BookMachine host) interviews Thea James, speaker at BookMachine NYC.

Design teacher, Andrew Buck, creates revision app [INTERVIEW]

Andrew Buck is a Graphic Design teacher at Hastingsbury Upper School in Bedfordshire. He and his design students have created an app that is hopefully going to transform the way students can prepare and succeed when it comes to the dreaded exam season. Whilst the app isn’t necessarily linked to Publishers, it’s an interesting app […]

Kobos and Kindles: New Additions and Winning Combinations

Last week saw the release of a new Kobo range, and (not to be outdone) the yearly release of the new Kindle line. Despite Bezos’ insistence that he doesn’t need his customers on the ‘upgrade treadmill’, Amazon released an upgrade to pretty much every single one of their devices, including two new Kindle Fire tablets […]

Amazon’s Press Conference: What Can We Expect?

Sales figures. A detailed breakdown of sales of devices by country, including market share, plus a deep look into the data they hold for each customer, as well as how their recommendation system works. CEO Jeff Bezos is likely to unveil their print-to-ebook sales ratio, alongside comparative figures of how each version of Kindle has […]

Story time for digital publishers

This a guest post from Simon Appleby, who runs Bookswarm, a digital agency specialising in delivering projects for authors, agents and publishers. Simon has 15 years’ experience of scoping, pitching, architecting and delivering digital projects. He has worked for a number of digital agencies, and more recently has worked client-side at Octopus Publishing Group (a division of Hachette UK), […]

Harper Collins shifts loads of cut-price Cox

In further news of multi-hyphenate musicians bringing out things that could technically be described as books, The Guardian has word of instructive sales stats for the iPad book app of former D:Ream keyboardist and sometime TV physicist Brian Cox.

The elderly get techy with iPads – Part 1

David and Marjorie are in their late 80’s, both are retired teachers. (David a maths teacher and Marjorie a music teacher) They love socialising, meeting new people and looking after their friends and relatives. This has become increasingly more difficult for Marjorie over the last 10 years or so as she is sadly now nearly […]

5 questions for Dean Johnson about iPads [INTERVIEW]

  Dean Johnson is the Executive Creative Director at Brandwidth and author of #1 Design iBook ‘Digital Publishing: The Next Steps’. He is also a valued contributor to a number of design, tech and publishing sites, and consults on all things digital.

This means war: Foyles now selling ebooks

Sticking an ever so dignified and respectable two fingers up at Amazon, beloved London bookseller Foyles has this week launched an ebook store and accompanying apps. The venerable, iconic independent chain – with five branches in London and one in Bristol, for the more adventurous metropolitan – already has over 200,000 titles on offer, which […]