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Eloise Millar of Galley Beggar Press on publishing awards

It seems to be Awards season at the minute with the Independent Publishing Awards (IPA) just finished and the Bookseller Industry Awards just around the corner. We all know the acclaim that comes from winning an award but what about the process of applying for these awards?

In this interview Emily Cook asks Eloise Millar of Galley Beggar Press for some insight after being recently shortlisted for the IPA Newcomer of the Year award.

1. Firstly, congratulations for being shortlisted for the IPA Newcomer of the Year Award! What was your initial reaction on receiving the news?

Thank you! Only one initial reaction – which was absolute delight.

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13 questions for: Alan Grierson (Bright Red Publishing)

Three years ago, Alan Grierson co-founded Bright Red Publishing, an Edinburgh based startup which creates educational resources for Scottish students and teachers.


The company is IPG Education Publisher of the Year for 2010 and 2011 and was nominated for Independent Publisher of the Year at this year’s Bookseller Industry Awards. In the first of our (irregular) series of 13 question interviews, Alan discusses the ‘wee gamble’ of setting up a new publishing company.

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