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Morrissey’s Autobiography being published at last, maybe

The long-in-the-works autobiography that Morrissey talked about having more or less finished in early 2011 – entitled, naturally, Autobiography – was due for publication in the UK this week through Penguin, with bookshops across the country whipping their Truman Capote sections back into shape for the Mozmoir’s 16 September arrival. As obsessive Morrissey fans (edited for redundancy) no doubt noticed, however, Monday came and went with nary a swoon nor a shoplift.

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Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon releasing memoir

Iconic Sonic Youth co-founder Kim Gordon is set to join her fellow alt-nation heroes Beastie Boys, Peter Hook and R. Kelly in releasing a memoir covering her time in the band. Taking the typically classy tack of not punning on the title of a Sonic Youth release – (I Got A) Catholic Book, Rain Kim, Tunic (Book for Karen), Kim Gordon and the Arthur Conan Doyle Hand Cream just some of the missed opportunities – the book will be entitled Girl in a Band, neatly reflecting her position as both the lone woman in Sonic Youth’s line-up and one of American indie-rock’s most prominent feminists.

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Beastie Boys to release oral history in 2015

Almost exactly a year on from the untimely death of the much missed Adam (MCA) Yauch comes word in the New York Times that Michael (Mike D) Diamond and Adam (Ad-Rock) Horowitz, his surviving bandmates in Beastie Boys, have signed a memoir deal with Random House imprint Spiegel & Grau. The as-yet-untitled book will be gettin’ stupid in your area, causin’ all kinds of hysteria in the autumn of 2015 and, as you would expect from one of the most inventive, influential musical acts of the past thirty years – especially one that has mad hits like it was Rod Carew – will emphatically not be a straightforward ghost-written tell-all.

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Peter Hook to continue to remind everyone he was in Joy Division with memoir

In further news of musicians releasing memoirs whose claims to revealing ‘the truth’ should be greeted with a raised eyebrow and reminders that several people involved are unable to contradict said claims due to their being dead, estranged Joy Division and New Order bassist (and frontman of Monaco! Don’t forget Monaco!) Peter Hook has announced that his long-mooted take on his time with the former will be published by Simon & Schuster in October.

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Publishing goes to the dogs in early Christmas slate announcements

Remember those halcyon days of late 2011? When we were all getting so excited about Christmas, because of all the meerkat books Santa was going to bring us? Well, those days are so last year, and don’t even get me started on how old the phrase ‘so last year’ is. Meerkats? Pfft. Were we ever so young? No, the publishing world has apparently decided what it is the fickle Christmas shopping public want in 2012, and what they apparently want is titles tangentially related to dogs whose many and varied activities they’ve already enjoyed watching for free on the internet.

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Today in tyrants: Hussein daughter seeks publisher for father’s memoirs

Between the re-publication of Mein Kampf and the revelation that Osama Bin Laden liked to keep up on his correspondence (which at least explains all those missives to the Daily Mail signed ‘Outraged of Abbottabad’ that were uncharacteristically gay-friendly by the paper’s usual standards), this is very much shaping up to be the summer of the dead megalomaniacal tyrant in the world of letters.

Well, here’s another one to throw on the pile and set alight in an ironic tribute to the fallen despots: Raghad Saddam Hussein – daughter of… eh, let’s say George Foreman – is shopping around international publishing rights to Hussein Sr.’s memoirs which, like Bin Laden’s letters, are handwritten. What is it with these guys and writing manuscripts by hand? Man, you’d think they lived in a cave or something.

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