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5 tips for growing traffic and engagement for your content

5 tips for growing traffic and engagement for your content

Getting a new blog or social media platform noticed can be difficult. It is important that you are effective and systematic when you engage with the publishing community. Follow this step by step guide to get you closer to your target audience and increase traffic to, and engagement with, your content. 1) Follow big influences […]

3 reasons why you should volunteer at literary festivals

3 reasons why you should volunteer at literary festivals

I believe that my experience as a volunteer at various literary festivals over the last four years has greatly enhanced my publishing career and my writing skills. Volunteers have access to a lot of educational and enriching events, as well as a chance to network with publishing folks in a relaxed environment. It’s the best place to talk […]

On 23rd February… BookMachine is back

It’s been said, that it’s the most fun you can have in publishing with your clothes on.* It’s been said, that if you can talk books, digital publishing, politics, haircuts, music or… anything, then this is the place to be.** You can sign up here: BookMachine @ Porter’s Bar (The Green Man), 383 Euston Rd, […]

Finding work in Publishing

At the last BookMachine event we were pleased to meet Sam Coleman from Atwood Tate. He’s certainly a man in the know if you’re looking for a job, as he speaks to recruiters in the industry every day. Here he shares some tips for finding work.   Times have certainly changed since I started work […]

Nattering NOT networking

Nick Coveney, Marketing maestro for the SYP, found himself at the BookMachine party last week, and has some mighty fine things to say about us. Aw shucks. Last Thursday – whilst the media was busy prophesying doom and gloom (pretty accurately actually) in light of Britain’s perennial “surprise” freeze, a group of intrepid individuals decided […]

Funky badge and a glass of sparkly wine

Elizabeth Warren, Subject Editor at Hodder Education came to her first BookMachine party and wrote a great review (*blush*), so thought we’d share! If you’re looking for a friendly and interesting bunch of people who work in publishing, like you, then you needn’t look any further than BookMachine. I went along to their drinks event […]