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On 23rd February… BookMachine is back

It’s been said, that it’s the most fun you can have in publishing with your clothes on.* It’s been said, that if you can talk books, digital publishing, politics, haircuts, music or… anything, then this is the place to be.** You can sign up here: BookMachine @ Porter’s Bar (The Green Man), 383 Euston Rd, […]

‘Clubbing for grown-ups’: Book Slam, London’s literary nightclub [INTERVIEW]

  Book Slam is London’s first / best / only literary nightclub. So, what does that mean exactly? We interviewed Elliott Jack, who promotes the events to find out more.   For those who have never been, what exactly is a literary nightclub? It’s an event that celebrates live storytelling in all its forms: from […]

BookMachine is born from a desire to drink and talk [August party review]

Felice Howden, Writer and Digital Media Production assistant at OUP, writes really well so  we were really excited to read her review of last week’s party. Want to read it to? Bet you do.

Nattering NOT networking

Nick Coveney, Marketing maestro for the SYP, found himself at the BookMachine party last week, and has some mighty fine things to say about us. Aw shucks. Last Thursday – whilst the media was busy prophesying doom and gloom (pretty accurately actually) in light of Britain’s perennial “surprise” freeze, a group of intrepid individuals decided […]