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Book Publishing has a reputation for being notoriously underpaid, but how do we even know what people are being paid?

Back in 1995, Suzanne Collier ran her first Salary Survey, causing uproar within the industry. No one ever talked about pay and publishers were highly suspicious of the survey as they thought it would lead to a rush of staff demanding rises. This didn’t materialise, although one Managing Director complained about the results because they thought the salaries were too high!

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What are Words Worth? Falling author earnings and what we can do

Studies across the world have shown that authors’ earnings are falling fast. Authors remain the only essential part of the creation of a book and it is in everyone’s interests to ensure they can make a living. For that reason, the Society of Authors in the UK has banded with sister organisations worldwide to call on publishers to make contract terms more equitable and give authors a fairer share.

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Working in publishing: Unite’s answers to their 15 FAQs

In the run up to, United, We Publish, BookMachine will be featuring a number of posts on employment-related topics such as training, pay, law and flexible working. Here Unite the Union have provided us with answers to their top 15 FAQs.

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The Unite Workshop (powered by BookMachine): why you should come

In only 26 days BookMachine and Unite will celebrate their exciting new partnership with a Workshop, led by Unite, exploring how the union supports publishers in the workplace. Here Christopher Norris, editor and development executive for the Insight Film Festival and owner-freelancer of CopyGhosting Editorial Services, introduces the event by telling BookMachine members and the wider publishing community why the Workshop is an important evening for career development.

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