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Harper Lee denies involvement with new biography

Last week finally saw the release of an ebook edition of Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, and this week brings with it the publication of Marja Mills’ biography of Lee, The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee, charting Mills’ friendship with Lee and her sister Alice having moved next door to and spent time with them over a period of years. Penguin Press says of the book:

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New Thomas Pynchon book exists, and that’s it for now

Yeah, so the apocalypse didn’t happen after all and we’re back for 2013, and hello again, and [SEASONAL PLEASANTRY NOT FOUND]. In even more Earth-shaking news than the Mayans anticipated, however, the end of 2012 has brought with it word of an occurrence almost as rare as a planet-destroying cataclysm: A new novel from Thomas Pynchon, the iconic, near-mythic American author whose output over the past fifty years has, until now, averaged slightly fewer than one and a half novels per decade, publishing seven in total since 1963. (If you’re keeping track, that means that he’s averaged more guest appearances on The Simpsons over the past decade than he has published novels per decade over his entire career.)

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Gravity’s Kindle: Thomas Pynchon’s back catalogue digitised at last

In what hopefully isn’t a portent of his impending death, Thomas Pynchon has joined the likes of Ray Bradbury in finally consenting to have his works made (legally) available as e-books after long refusing to authorise such a move. The legendary American author of Gravity’s Rainbow, The Crying of Lot 49 and Mason & Dixon will see his seven novels (the aforementioned three, as well as V., Vineland, Against The Day and Inherent Vice) and one book of short stories, Slow Learner, available in digital format from today, his publisher, Penguin Press, has told the New York Times.

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