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Free webinar – How social media is influencing the way brands portray women

On Wed 16 March (1pm GMT ) Rebecca Swift, Director of Creative Planning at Getty Images, will take an in-depth look at the changing depiction of women in the media, the important role social media is playing in this, and the impact it’s having on brands’ image choices.

Register for this free webinar here: http://stories.gettyimages.com/webinar-how-social-media-is-influencing-the-way-brands-portray-women/

Getty Images

The power of colour for your brand


Webinar date | June 25, 3:00 pm BST

Join Rebecca Swift and Laurie Pressman as they take a look into the psychology of color choice and see how you can use that information to select the right imagery.

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BookMachine Oxford

Picking the right images for your book

This is a guest interview with Rebecca Swift, Director of Creative Planning at iStock (speaker at BookMachine Oxford during BookMachine Week)

1. What advice would you give to publishers to help them pick the right images for their books?

Choose images that you love. Don’t compromise on imagery, it does not mean spending lots of money but being focused on what your imagery is representing in your book. Don’t allow the images to be space fillers. The modern visually literate audience is subconsciously aware of images that are not chosen with care and consideration. At their worst, images are deemed cliched and outdated.

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From scarcity to ubiquity: digitisation in photography

This is a guest post from Rebecca Swift, Director of Creative Planning at iStock (speaker at BookMachine London this Thursday)

Last year Facebook revealed that users uploaded 350 million images every day. The 2014 Internet Trends report from analyst Mary Meeker published in May states that internet users are sharing 1.8 billion images every day (thanks to the visually based apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp as well as Facebook.)

These numbers were unfathomable even 5 years ago and it was only 15 years ago that digitization of imagery was really starting to take off.

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5 questions for Rebecca Swift of The Literary Consultancy [INTERVIEW]

Rebecca Swift
Rebecca Swift is Director of The Literary Consultancy, which she co – founded in 1996. The TLC is first and foremost an editorial consultancy for writers to send work to for manuscript assessment. Writers they work with get a detailed editorial assessment, long before they approach agents and publishers, meaning that they have a much higher chance of success. We were interested in how the TLC is adapting to digital trends in publishing …

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