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Code your way to freedom – BookMachine Unplugged 2019: Talking Tech Literacy

Paraphrasing the famous Chinese curse, may we not live in interesting – that is, difficult and uncertain – times. Unfortunately, though, those are exactly the times we are facing at the moment. Thankfully, people who work in the publishing industry are among the many who strive to add a positive influence to this battered world and planet, but nevertheless, we can and must do better on several fronts.

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Ebook related

Top thought-provoking ebook related blogs of 2016

Is 2017 the year you start to read up on the industry and changes sweeping the publishing world? Well we have made it a bit easier for you. Throughout 2016, Geethik Technologies have been bookmarking the very best discussions around ebooks and publishing from across the web, and have compiled them into one handy list for you here. (this blog post first appeared on the Geethik Technologies blog)

1. Another way to monetize ebooks

An idea to launch an ebook application and platform that support a survey-driven business model – by Joe Wilkert: http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2016/another-way-to-monetize-ebooks/

2. Will an open web liberate reading data?

An interesting review of where ebooks sit within global search, after the IDPF discusses a potential merger with W3C – by Andrew Rhomberg: http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2016/will-an-open-web-liberate-reading-data/

3. What the inventor of the World Wide Web sees for the future of ebooks

Four qualities that will define open and interoperable ebooks of the future – by Sir Tim Berners-Lee: http://www.bookbusinessmag.com/article/what-the-inventor-of-the-world-wide-web-sees-for-the-future-of-ebooks/

4. E-books can be lent by libraries just like normal books, rules EU’s top court

Most libraries in the UK lend e-books but the choice of titles is limited. This new ruling could change things – by Glyn Moody: http://arstechnica.co.uk/tech-policy/2016/11/ebooks-can-be-lent-by-libraries-rules-cjeu/

5. How to share advance copies of ebooks to those without a suitable device

The IDPF have made it their mission to encourage the uptake of the modern EPUB3 standard. A very neat way for them to demonstrate how modern EPUB3 readers could and should work is by building one – by Ken Jones: https://bookmachine.org/2016/09/28/share-advance-copies-ebooks-without-suitable-device/

Are there any other thought-provoking reads of 2016 that you recommend? Please add them to the comments below.

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