‘I’m here because there is this great BookMachine web site and I wanted to hear more about it. It’s about social media and I think it’s really important that the authors and the publicists and the marketers all work together to promote their books through social media.’ Heather Drucker, Harper Collins

‘[Bookmachine is] … quite possibly the best thing to happen to networking events in a very long time.’ Nick Coveney, Head of Digital, Blink Publishing

‘BookMachine is a fantastic way of meeting like-minded people, but without the feeling that you have to network. There’s no cliques, no pressure, and you just end up talking to interesting people purely by chance.’Elizabeth Warren, Subject Editor, Hodder Education

‘There are a lot of things you expect from publishing events, BookMachine delivers only the best bits. New to this event, I anticipated a low-key affair. I got the shock of my life when I arrived to see the venue swamped by their popularity, with scores of their loyal devotees talking, laughing and drinking like it was doomsday’s last orders.’Lisa Goll, Host of London Writers’ Cafe

‘BookMachine is born from a desire to drink and talk to people that have similar interests without feeling pressured to fling business cards into every available silence, I braved last week’s London event stag. As always, it was a great mix of friendly chat, interesting people and well earned mid-week beers, and left me feeling more like the inventor of some kind of amazing robot.’ Felice Howden, Little Brown

‘This was a truly enjoyable night thanks to the incredible warmth and variety of the people I met. To all the BookMachine virgins out there: go on, make the jump, you won’t regret it and see you at the next event!’ Fabienne Emue, author and publisher for Ray Parnac

‘The BookMachine ‘brand’ is going from strength to strength, it really is a great opportunity to reach out to publishers in the UK. HL Studios have sponsored BookMachine events three times now and have seen a significant improvement in business as a result.’ Nicola Essen, HL Studios

‘This is my first BookMachine event. It’s interesting to get everyone together in the publishing industry with so much change going on… It’s a great venue.
Laura Ferguson, Simon and Schuster

‘It was a very enlightening and educational experience for me to work with Laura and BookMachine, and I would highly recommend her.’Tahira Rahemtulla, Unambiguous Edit

‘BookMachine is forging new ways for people in Publishing to meet each other and ultimately collaborate. It is a great way for us to increase our presence and extend our brand identity… being associated with it has strengthened relationships we already have, and is helping us to forge new ones.’ Sophie O’Rourke, EMC Design
’They don’t just have great ideas, they actually go out and make them happen. The growth of Bookmachine as a network has been incredibly impressive.’ Anna Lewis, Valobox and Completely Novel
‘We were thrilled to discover BookMachine. They did a great job of presenting our jobs in a clear way on their site as well as promoting a job of the week for us. We’ve had some good responses to our jobs and look forward to meeting new candidates and clients through BookMachine.’  Claire Law, Managing Director, Atwood Tate
‘BookMachine very successfully attracted people whose primary goal was to meet other people…I did speak to people in a greater age-range than at any other industry social in the past year, from those a bit younger than me to those several decades older.Elizabeth Watson, Publishing Trendsetter

For anyone in publishing looking for a friendly, relaxed evening where you can talk to a huge range of people about books, digital publishing, politics, haircuts, music or anything you may choose to elaborate on this is the place to be. I will certainly be attending the next event and you might find you’re missing out a bit if you’re not.’  Sam Coleman, Atwood Tate