Discover BookMachine in 2020

This jam-packed programme has been developed for experienced publishing professionals interested in up-to-date industry knowledge and ideas.

Each topic has been designed not only for professionals working in that area, but also for their colleagues who need to understand wider industry trends.

If you want to be at the forefront of what’s happening, then BookMachine is for you.

January: Your 2020

To kick-start 2020 we have taken common resolutions and developed a programme to help you start off how you mean to go on. Want to be more mindful or ignite new habits? Thinking of looking for a new job, or want to progress in your current role? We've got you covered.

February: Production

This month we will cover key topics for production teams and their colleagues. Find out about new and emerging tools and services for book publishers and hear from leading Production Directors about what works for them.

March: Rights

For the first time we will zoom in on buying and selling rights. If you are keen to take the next steps in your career in rights, or are interested in permissions and acquiring rights, then tune in for the latest insights from the community.

April: Editorial

During editorial month BookMachine will take a behind-the-scenes tour of successful author/editor relationships. We also plan to cover inclusion and diversity, and other topics which will help you and your teams to tell the best story in the right way.

May: Tech

The benefits of knowing how to code are well publicised. In 2016 we ran our first coding session with the Consonance team and have since seen a huge take-up of members learning to code. This month we will delve deeper into useful code for non-techies.

June: Audio

Our contributors this month have one thing in common - a huge passion for audio. As well as discussions around the latest trends in audio publishing, this month we will tap into future predictions and how we can prepare ourselves to reach even more listeners.

July: Communicating Online

Learn the skills needed to excel in online communication with our programme of activities designed for publishing professionals. We hope that by the end of the month you will feel confident and ready to communicate with any online audience.

August: Freelancing

Freelancing can offer freedom and flexibility, and many members have benefited from creating their own income on their own terms. However, there are also challenges. This month we will look at how to build and sustain a freelance business in publishing.

September: Marketing

As well as a smashing programme for taking your marketing skills to the next level, during Marketing month we will look at campaigns that blow your mind. We will inspire you with ways to establish a campaign that truly stands out from the crowd.

October: Management

What is the difference between a manager and a leader? Which would you rather be? As well as delivering training and courses to support publishing professionals in their roles, we will also explore how non-managers can develop managerial skills.

November: Design

Can design thinking transform publishing strategy? We think it can. Other important design-related issues we will cover are commissioning creative assets and collaboration. There will also be opportunities to take your InDesign skills to the next level.

December: Publicity

This month we will look at how publicists can work with authors, booksellers and the media to develop the best campaigns. Our contributors will share insights into working smarter (we know how much activity is unseen) and waving the industry flag further afield.