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Some early bird tickets: BookMachine London, Oxford, Brighton

By now you will be in the loop about BookMachine Week. A whole week of talking about the rise of reading on mobiles and short stories.

Expert speakers will be sharing their experiences and the discussion will lead to thinking about whether we need to review our publishing models.

Everywhere we look people are pulling out their mobile devices. How can the publishing industry respond to this? Do we need to?

Early Bird tickets are on sale until tomorrow (Friday 22nd May) for BookMachine London, Oxford and Brighton.

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Limited tickets also available here for BookMachine Cambridge and Barcelona.

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Publicity in Publishing

Publicity: the most creative department in Publishing

Ana McLaughlin has worked in Publicity at Random House, Kyle Books and Michael O’Mara Books and is now working in arts and books PR at Sarah Harrison PR (@Anabooks / @SarahHarrisonPR / )

I gave this piece a deliberately controversial title, and one I think many in the industry will disagree with. (Let’s talk about it – after all, publicists love to talk!) Book PRs get a fairly terrible press – ironically. Roger Lewis’s Anthony Burgess talks about ‘those flotillas of 24-year-old publicity handmaidens who laugh at your jokes but whom you’ll never in a million years get to fuck because they have fiancés in marine reinsurance or coffee futures in the City who all look like Jeremy Northam’. (Drat, I must have been so busy honing my showcard-making skills that I managed to miss the wealthy spouse queue…) It’s a line that beautifully conveys the fallacious ideas about publicists still cherished by certain sections of the industry and the wider world: that we are all young, female, a bit posh, slightly dim and more ornament than use.

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A very short story: Pretty in Pink

In the run up to BookMachine Week: The rise of reading on mobiles, short stories and bite-size content – here is a great short story for you to read.

“You’re nuts. I can’t walk that far. No way!” I was mad at my girlfriend. Some guy she met at seniors had invited her to a “mall-walkers” group.

“I won’t go alone. Please, please… pretty please” It bugs me when she’s sucky. I can never say no. “I’ve been so lonely since Walter died…” Low blow. That forlorn widow’s lament always gets me.

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Sports writing: Martin Whiteley interview

Martin Whiteley writes for The News Hub, as a sports writer. Here Stephanie Cox interviews him about his interest in sport, the industry and being a sports writer.

1. Please give us an introduction to yourself and your previous work.

I have always been a lover of writing, ever since I was in school, and have always been passionate about sports. I first started writing to make some extra money while working as an assistant to the golf professional at Springhead Park golf course in Hull. Since then, I’ve contributed to golf magazines and have written for Beyond the Benches, Exclusive Sports Media, IRL Media, and others. My latest project has been writing sports articles for The News Hub.
There is a rapidly increasing number of online platforms for news writing and reporting, and this is especially true of sports writing.

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Getty Images Visual Trends Webinar- Wonderlust: tapping into the boundless beauty of nature

Getty Image

Image credits: 170879175 / Artic Images/ Iconica

Register now for our webinar on 28th May to hear our latest research on the visual trend of Wonderlust

“There is a desire not just to see and do more, but to be more”

As the world becomes more digital, we long imagery and experiences that make our eyes widen and our jaws drop. A sense of wonder makes us human, and spurs is on to search for beauty meaning as we traverse the planet-and beyond.

Join Getty Images Visual Trends Director, Pam Grossman, for this in-depth exploration of the Wonderlust visual trend and discover how your campaigns can inspire your audience by tapping into endless wonder of nature and the planet at large.

Webinar details:
Date: Thursday 28th may 2015
Time: 10.00 am EDT / 3.00 pm BST / 4.00 pm CEST
Register now:

About the presenter:
Pam Grossman, Director of Visual Trends, Getty Images
As head of the Creative Research team, Pam studies visual culture, and uses custom-designed forecasting methods to driv3e the creative imagery plan for Pam is a frequent speaker and consultant on visual trends at various Fortune 500 companies, non-profits such as LeanIn.Org, and at conferences including Cannes Lions, Ad Week, and SxSW.

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Freelancing and time management

This is a guest post from Chris Brown. Chris is a freelance publishing professional with over 10 years of experience in the publishing industry. Chris has worked on a variety of print and digital products at all stages of the publishing process from commissioning through to development editorial and production. He is also an Associate of Just Content.

If you’ve been a publishing freelancer you’ll identify with the tumbleweed times where nobody is calling or emailing, and the hectic busy times when three project deadlines converge at the same time and force you to work evenings and weekends until the work is done. Neither of these situations is ideal!

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Man Booker International goes to László Krasznahorkai

The biennial Man Booker International Prize, awarded to living authors of any nationality for a body of work readily available (either in its native tongue or in translation) in English, has this year been presented to Hungarian author László Krasznahorkai. It is the first time the award has been given to an author whose work was not originally published in English since the inaugural prize in 2005, when it was presented to the Albanian Ismail Kadare. It is also the first time a non-North American author has won the award since its sophomore prize in 2007 went to Chinua Achebe.

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freelance author

5 top tips for surviving as a freelance author

This is a guest post from Cath Senker, who has 25 years’ experience in publishing and has written more than 130 books for children of all ages. She specialises in history, global and social issues, world religions, human geography and environmental topics. Cath also undertakes all kinds of editorial work for publishers and academic institutions and teaches writing skills and English.

Quick quiz

Are you a freelance writer? How much did you make from your writing last year?
A Under £11,000
B About £11,000
C Over £11,000

If you answered A or B, you’re one of the majority of authors! Professional writers in the UK typically earn just £11,000 a year (ALCS, 2015). So how can you survive as a freelance author nowadays?

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Final winner announced for One Big Book Launch

All ten outstanding winners of One Big Book Launch 2015 have now been announced, showcasing fantastic new titles from Walker Books, Sandstone Press, a variety of up-and-coming publishers and several self-publishing authors.

These emerging authors will launch their books simultaneously at one, highly-publicised event at the Free Word Centre in Farringdon on June 3rd, 2015. One Big Book Launch aims to harness the power of collaboration across the UK publishing industry to increase discoverability and celebrate emerging authors writing on the theme of ‘Inspiring People and Places’.

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A very short story: Knock Knock

In the run up to BookMachine Week: The rise of reading on mobiles, short stories and bite-size content – here is a great short story for you to read.

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The words as monotone as his gray eyes slipped from tense lips, “They say I’m funny.” The man in the lab coat shackled his right hand to the steel table. “Funny? Like humorous?” His eyes closed and the scenes returned. Crowds pointing with crooked fingers and howling their laughter. “I don’t know. I’m not a funny person, so.. No.”

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