The mission of BookMachine is to be the global community for everyone in and around book publishing.

If you want to be at the forefront of what’s happening. If you want to learn from others who’ve made a success in the industry; if you want to meet exciting new people – then BookMachine is for you.

BookMachine is a wholly independent site, supported by sponsorship and events.

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Laura and Gavin (Co-Founders)

Publishing is a people business and the best way to stand out, grow your business or develop your career is to establish a professional network both online and offline. You can attend BookMachine events in various cities across the globe. Each event follows the same format and has been designed to make sure you will meet interesting people and learn something new.

All sorts of people attend, from designers, editors, publishers, marketers, sales professionals and writers, to developers and students.

You can  find regular BookMachine events in Brighton, Barcelona, Cambridge, London, New York and Oxford. We have also hosted events in Edinburgh and Toronto.

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If you need help promoting an event, launching a new product to the publishing industry or for general support with digital marketing campaigns, then you can hire BookMachine on a freelance basis.

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Through working on numerous events, BookMachine have partnered with The London Book Fair, Completely Novel, MacMillan Education, YUDU Media, Oxford University Press, City University, Kingston University, For Books' Sake, Getty Images, Authoright, Bibliocrunch, Bibliocloud, Zola Books, Osprey Group, IPG, Bright Red Publishing, PLS and more. All of these companies have opportunities throughout the year and you can meet their teams at BookMachine events.

BookMachine was founded by Gavin Summers and Laura Summers.

Laura is our marketing and PR lead and can be found at most publishing events, getting to know the industry inside-and-out. You can chat to her easily on Twitter via @bookmachine.

Sam Perkins is our Content and Community Manager and Norah Myers is always on the hunt for an interesting story.  Maria Cardona Serra is the brains behind the ever-popular BookMachine Barcelona, and Sarah Juckes and Isheeta Mustafi have done a brilliant job of growing the BookMachine events in Brighton.

Our new Editorial Board has just been let loose on the site; each member will be 'steering' and advising on the type of content to be commissioned for their area of expertise. If you've got any burning questions you'd like to ask of our experts - feel free to ping them to us here and we will try to get them answered.

BookMachine alumni include: Chris Ward, Evie Prysor-Jones, Tahira Rahemtulla, Elin Butler, Emma Smith, Samantha Perkins, Fabrizio Luccitti, Subha Chelvam, Berta Rojals, Ana Ortiz Rosete, Felice Howden, Charly Salvesen-Ford, Jasmin Kirkbride and Brianna Weber.

You have seen that running BookMachine is a collaborative effort. The idea is that the BookMachine network is something you can dip in and out of throughout your career, whenever you want to expand your network, learn something new, or just have a good time.

If you would like to get involved we would love to hear from you.

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