Self-Managed Organisations: Giving power to our people

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What are self-managed organisations and what does their rise mean for the future of the publishing industry?

Find out how leading figures in publishing are approaching the concept of self-managed organisations and fostering new, innovative and more inclusive leadership practices.





Find out how organisations are giving more power to their people.

Two years of a global pandemic has led to a social revolution in how we interact with each other. It’s revolutionised the workplace, too. 

The way in which organisations manage their employees has not kept pace with how we work now. Employees value their autonomy, and self-managed organisations can provide the tools and structures to ensure productivity of our teams is underpinned by job satisfaction.

In our latest White Paper, we invite you to consider the new ways in which publishing organisations can adapt to the new climate, and remain as relevant, diverse and successful as the exciting titles they publish.

Seven exceptional business and publishing leaders have contributed to the Paper, each drawing on their personal experience of the obstacles and benefits of implementing innovative principles and structures in their organisations. They are:

  • Emma Barnes (CEO, Consonance, Snowbooks & Make Our Book)
  • Aimée Felone (Managing Director, Knights Of)
  • Jason Mitchell (VP for Customer Experience, Typefi)
  • Veruschka Selbach (Managing Director, Pluto Press)
  • Alison Shaw (CEO, Bristol University Press)
  • Kika Sroka-Miller (Former Director, Zed Books)
  • Henry Stewart (Founder, Happy Ltd.)

If you would like to tap into inspiring insights into how management structures can evolve, stay relevant and support our teams in changing times, this paper is for you!