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Achieve more as a team with a virtual Sprint from BookMachine

A virtual Sprint is a time-constrained process which allows you and your team to collaborate ahead of launching something new.

Why book in a Sprint with us? Find out from our previous clients.

What a Sprint can offer

You can focus

We know that time and budgets are tight. The Sprint methodology provides you and the team with a dedicated space to develop effective campaign plans for your next product, title or series.

You can team up

Working collaboratively with the whole team from afar is made simple. With access to a shared workspace and structured sessions via Zoom or Teams, the virtual process still allows you to combine your ideas effectively.

You can explore

Sprints allow you to discover your main area of focus using an exploratory process that leaves no stone unturned. Consider all the challenges and reframe them into opportunities that will form the campaign you plan.

You can create

During the Sprint, you’ll formulate a clear idea about the campaign you’ll be planning, the customers you’ll be reaching and the outcomes you want to see. Wrap up the session with actionable next steps.

If you’re ready to run your own Sprint,
we’ve created a mini virtual Sprint plan to get you started:

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Other services

Events & Launches

We’ve organised over 200 events over the past 10 years – and many more online. From speaker events, Q&As to book or new product launches, we’re experienced at marketing and running the entire event. We have oodles of experience and like to guarantee success.

PR campaigns

Our book publicity experts are creative, experienced and super-connected. From debut fiction to non-fiction, the team loves to create a great hook and can manage all of your outreach. Four to six months before publication is best, so let's get the conversation started.

Content creation

Our experienced copywriters are creative and meticulous. We have decades of experience writing articles, general web copy, copy for brochures, prospectuses, newsletters, leaflets and more. If you’re rushed before an event or launch, we have a speedy service too.

Facebook advertising

Targeted Facebook advertising can be used to drive online sales of one book or a series. Our team targets your readers by demographic and interest to boost sales. We can also run online training sessions to help boost in-house knowledge.

Marketing creative

Anyone who has worked in social media will know that the main challenge in increasingly crowded online markets is to stand out visually. We have an in-house designer, plenty of animators and even a film crew on hand!

If you have a project to discuss, we would love to hear from you!

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