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We are a creative events, PR and marketing agency, specialising in the publishing industry.

We are a highly experienced team who know the ins and outs of both marketing, and the publishing industry.

With a combination of energy and enthusiasm, we create outstanding events and unrivalled PR and marketing campaigns.

Our Services

Marketing Sprints

The sprint methodology was designed for efficient working. We have tweaked the original concept to make it an efficient way to develop a marketing strategy for new titles, series or creative initiatives. You can download a free template here.

Events & Launches

If you are looking for help from a team who are event pros, then we are the ones for you (we have organised 200+ over the past 10 years). From scoping out and recommending venues, photographers and film crews, to marketing and running the entire event - we have oodles of experience and like to guarantee success.

Digital sales strategy

If you are looking to increase your sales online, we can either deliver a customised Amazon Action Plan or offer regular hands-on support. Either option will increase revenues for both ebooks and print, and our clients will be happy to testify.

PR campaigns

Our book publicists are creative, experienced and connected. From debut fiction to non-fiction, we love to create hooks and good stories and can manage all of your outreach. 4-6 months before publication is best, so let's get the conversation started.

Facebook campaigns

Targeted Facebook advertising to drive online sales of one book or a series. Our team targets your readers by demographic and interest, to boost sales. We also run training sessions (in-house/online) to help boost in-house knowledge.

Marketing creative

Anyone who has worked in social media will know that the main challenge, in increasingly crowded online markets, is how to stand out visually. We have an in-house designer and plenty of animators and even a film crew to hand (we are based at a university specialising in design and media ).

Content creation

Our experienced copywriters are creative and meticulous. We have decades of experience writing articles, general web copy, copy for brochures, prospectuses, newsletters, leaflets and more. If you are rushed before a Book Fair or launch we have a speedy service too.

Strategic partnerships

The ability to build effective partnerships is one of the most important marketing techniques to master.

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