international rights buyers

How to attract and connect with international rights buyers

Gone are the days when entering a new territory would mean a publisher having to set up an office and staff there, or a perspective author having to up sticks and set sail around the world in search of new book deals.

The potential of the international rights and licensing market is, quite naturally, an attractive one for publishers of all sizes. However, historically at least, the barriers to new markets have been notoriously daunting, difficult and time consuming to overcome. Thankfully, times are changing and with the right support these obstacles are not as onerous or costly as they used to be.

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Your chance to visit Parliament [COMPETITION]

Unite and BookMachine are excited to be running a workshop together called United, We Publish and you can read all about that here.

Alongside the event we’re running a competition to win an invitation for two to the House of Parliament bar. All you need to do to enter is upload a picture to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag the picture #BMUnite and copy and paste in the following link That’s it! Entries close at midnight on 26th October 2015.

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3 Web Conferencing Perks for Freelancers

Planning to start a freelance career? Want to know what tools you need to arm yourself before going off to the trenches? Here are a number of ways web conferencing can help you build a successful career as a freelancer:

All-Time Connectivity

According to Inc., one video conferencing perk for businesses is that it helps maintain employee connections. That applies to contract workers too. The most basic benefit that a web conferencing service brings you is connectivity.

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Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson to give talk at publishing event

Remember when we told you that the keynote speaker for United, We Publish was yet to be announced? Well today is the day.

Tom Watson, Deputy Labour Leader, will be the keynote speaker at this evening of workshops hosted by Unite in London on Tuesday 27th October.

Get tickets

Tom was Minister for Digital Engagement in Gordon Brown’s cabinet and is now a member of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

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Food writers award grants £2,000

The inaugural Jane Grigson Trust Award, designed to support new food writers is currently open for submissions, with the deadline for entries being the end of this month, 31 October 2015.

This award was created in honour of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Jane Grigson’s death, and will be made to a writer new to food writing who has already received a commission from a publishing house. In the spirit of Grigson’s writing, the award will be for a non-fiction book on food in the widest sense, from any genre – cook book, memoir, travel, history – so long as the primary subject is food.

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life as a freelancer

Walking the tightrope: life as a freelancer

In the run up to, United, We Publish, BookMachine will be featuring a number of opinions on UNITE-focused topics such as training, pay, employment law and flexible working. This is a guest post by John Pettigrew. John is CEO and Founder of We Are Futureproofs, where he is trying to make editors’ lives better with software designed for the jobs we actually do. A recovering editor himself, John has been working in publishing since 1997, including stints on academic journals, educational textbooks, and print and digital materials of all kinds. Read more on the Futureproofs blog and website.

Life as a freelancer can be tricky balancing act. On the one hand, you have the need to do enough work to live on and (therefore) to make sure your clients are happy. On the other hand, you have the need to actually get paid for that work – which can be decidedly difficult!

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Research shows only 49.3% of young people enjoy writing

New research by the National Literacy Trust shows that children and young people enjoy writing significantly less than reading. The report, Children’s and Young People’s Writing in 2014, sets out the findings of the National Literacy Trust’s fifth annual survey of more than 32,000 eight to and 18-year-olds. It found that while children’s enjoyment of writing has started to increase slowly over the past three years, they still enjoy writing less than reading (49.3% compared with 54.4%).

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Refugee libraries

Refugee libraries in Calais and beyond

There is a common misconception that refugee camps are temporary structures, built to house a population consistently on the move. The truth of the matter is, however, that these structures can remain in place for a long time and develop a life of their own.

Just like any other town, long-term refugee camps require supplies and structures to help their inhabitants learn and develop. The ability to access books and learning materials are crucial to this, and it’s often done through libraries.

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Sarah Cook

United, We Publish: Sarah Cook interview

In the run up to October’s event, United, We Publish, BookMachine will be featuring a number of opinions on UNITE-focused topics such as training, pay, employment law and flexible working. Sarah Cook has been a Unite officer for 22 years. She has extensive experience of dealing with employment issues including advising and representing individuals and workplace trade union groups, training and developing local workplace representatives, leading campaigns on employment issues and on wider issues in the region.

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D Williamson

Recruiting right: what to consider when hiring new staff

In the run up to, United, We Publish, BookMachine will be featuring a number of opinions on UNITE-focused topics such as training, pay, employment law and flexible working. This is a guest post by Douglas Williamson on what to consider when you’re recruiting. Douglas is design manager at Macmillan ELT. He started his career at Butterworth Law Publishers and since then has worked for Longman, HarperCollins and Heinemann Education. He has been a union member from the start, and has just retired from the Unite National Committee for the Graphical, Paper, Media and IT industries.

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