Kate Ward

Publishers & Bloggers: A match made in heaven?

Like many areas of the media world, publishing is becoming ever more reliant on it’s online presence. No book launch goes by without a relevant hashtag or two, book trailers that are worthy of the big screen, and websites created just for one book.

But often, the most vital tool at a publishers disposal is the blogger; ready, willing, and most certainly able, they can garner more buzz for a title than a thousand shop windows could ever manage.

So how to make this most symbiotic relationship work? And how can it fall apart?

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Sherna Khambatta

On being a Literary Agent in India: Sherna Khambatta interview

Sherna Khambatta founded Sherna Khambatta Literary Agency in 2007 after gaining a Msc. in Publishing. At the time, the publishing system in India didn’t have many agents so she saw this as an opportunity to bring in a certain amount of structure into the industry and help authors get their work sold. Here Stephanie Cox interviews her.

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Kate Ward

Independent Book Blogging: 7 tips for writing a great review

It’s tricky finding your feet when you start out as a book blogger. First you need to decide on several factors, most importantly, the ‘Who?’ and the ‘Why?’

Who are you creating this content for? Why do you want to write? Is it a personal hobby, say an online journal, where you can extol your love of books and maybe pass that onto readers? Or are you one day hoping to work in publishing and see blogging as a way of reaching out to the industry and making contacts?

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Circular Software

Reading aloud: merging audio and text just got a lot easier

You may know that the modern EPUB3 standard has an inbuilt ability to hold audio and video, but one of the most intriguing aspects of EPUB3 that you may have overlooked is ‘Read-aloud’. This technique, sometimes called ‘media overlays’, combines a spoken audio track with accurate timing information usually used to highlight words on the page in time with the spoken audio.

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Mollie Broad

Book publicity: trade vs. academic publishing

This is a guest post by Mollie Broad. Mollie is a PR Assistant at SAGE Publications, a leading independent publisher of journals, books and digital media.

The publishing industry encompasses hundreds of different roles within countless disciplines and subjects. Across the industry, PR works to draw attention to the respective publishing programme. However, when generating publicity for books, it is in the approach where the differences between academic and trade publishing lie.

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Merry Jolabokaflod – get involved with a new grassroots, interactive generic book campaign

Let’s get in the festive spirit and spread our love of books and reading. This is a guest blog from Christopher Norris. Chris is editor and development executive for the Insight Film Festival. He also freelances at CopyGhosting Editorial Services. On 16 November 2015 he launched Jolabokaflod, a generic book campaign that invites everyone to get involved. You can follow Chris on Twitter (@chris24n, @InsightFF and @Jolabokaflod).

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Nathan Connolly

On experimenting with digital: Nathan Connolly interview

Nathan Connolly is the Publishing Director of Dead Ink Books. Dead Ink was founded in 2010, set up with funding from Arts Council England as a digital-only press. At a time when ebooks were really just starting to blow up, Dead Ink were experimenting with what a book could be. Dead Ink’s focus is now based on two strands: the first is to develop the careers of new literary authors and the second is to do that through experimentation with digital technology in publishing.  Here Stephanie Cox interviews him.

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