Kate Ward

Doing it for the love of it: the life of the unpaid Book Blogger

This is a guest post by Book Blogger, Kate Ward. Kate’s a keen supporter of literacy projects and firmly believes that reading of any sort should be available to the masses, no matter the genre or medium. Determined not to pigeon-hole her site, If These Books Could Talk, Kate covers and reviews everything she possibly can and will always thump the tub for independent authors and publishers.

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Darren Laws

Caffeine Nights Publishing: Interview with Darren Laws

Darren Laws is the founder, owner and managing director of Caffeine Nights Publishing, independent publisher of crime and horror fiction in paperback, ebook and app formats. Here Stephanie Cox interviews him.

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Fake Reviewers

Love Losing Control: 1000 True Fans and Marketing 2.0

There is a theory stating that 1000 True Fans are all a person needs to make a living from their own products. Whether you’re selling books, songs, music or paintings, having 1000 True Fans who are willing to spend about £30 per year on your products will keep you afloat. It may sound unlikely, and according to the anecdotes it’s a pretty hard road, but it is possible.

What’s more, the theory is equally applicable to businesses and companies: for every extra person involved, simply add another 1000 True Fans to the total that you need.

But why does this theory work? And why is it becoming more popular?

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Lindsay Sutherland

Author negotiations: the dos and don’ts

Lindsay Sutherland is an Acquisitions Editor at Emond Publishing and has been in the industry for 13 years – primarily in the Educational Publishing sector. Lindsay lives and works in Toronto with her husband and son, and when she’s not reading she’s probably watching the Gilmore Girls. Here she discloses her dos and don’ts for successful author negotiations. 

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Phoebe Morgan

Does the book fit in your handbag? An Editor’s top tips

This is a guest post by Phoebe Morgan. Phoebe works as an Editor at Octopus Publishing Group across a range of non-fiction titles. She blogs about her favourite books here.

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Nick Robinson

Content is no longer king. Here are 5 things that are.

This is a guest post by Nick Robinson. Nick has worked in ELT publishing since 2004 and in 2012 he founded the world’s first ELT author representation agency. He is the Co-founder of the IATEFL Materials Writing Special Interest Group (MaWSIG) and ELTjam.

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Alastair Horne

Swotting up on Academic Book Week

This is a guest post by Alastair HorneSocial Media and Communities Manager for Cambridge University Press, on what to expect from Academic Book Week.

Why does academic publishing get so little attention? For a multimillion-pound business whose products ought to be familiar to every graduate working in publishing, it’s surprisingly obscure.

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Norah Myers

Top 10 tips for crowdfunding

Norah Myers currently works on the editorial side of marketing. She assists with copywriting, proofreading, fact-checking and research. She also sources new clients for an independent publisher, edits narrative nonfiction, and interviews great publishing folk for BookMachine. She has created and managed crowdfunding campaigns for books and assistive technology. Below are her top crowdfunding tips.

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Claire 2

Do you really need a degree to be in publishing?

Claire Maxwell works at Icon Books as their Publicity Manager. She has previously worked in journalism and bookselling, and she blogs at www.ithinkijustbloggedmyself.com. Here, at the age of 23, she tells us how she’s worked her way up to this role, without a degree.

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