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Jacob Cockcroft is founder of The Pigeonhole. He is a lifelong book addict with a passion for blending the old and the new. With family origins in Zanzibar, his background is in the intelligences and security sector. Teaming up with publishing guru – Anna Jean Hughes – their mission is to show the world that digital publishing can go beyond the book.

Innovation in the publishing industry is like watching a black and white movie in a world painted in high definition colour. First we had Kindle, an important step but hardly revolutionary – just piping content into a digital form, and now we have e-tailers competing to be the ‘spotify of music’. It’s all fine and good, but that’s really all it is; the potential is so much greater.

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Build or borrow: Making the most of digital distribution platforms

Last week, Apple announced partnerships with 50 publications across 18 publishers, who had all signed up to provide content for the new Apple News app. The platform will aim to provide the best digital news reading service available, in a move to commit to the mobile-first world of technology that we now live in.

There is an increasing pressure on the publishing industry to embrace new technologies such as this. In recent years, we’ve had to fundamentally reassess how we distribute and monetize our content, and continue to do so as new platforms like Apple News present themselves. But how can we best use these technologies to our advantage?

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Does getting permission to reuse content take forever? [SPONSORED POST]

Finding the copyright owner of a work is not always a straightforward task, and seeking permission to use another author’s work has proved a laborious task for many at one point or another. It commonly involves such crucial questions as: Who is the rightsholder? How do I contact them? What should I ask for? And why is the process so complicated?

However, you can now break through the complexity with PLSclear, the service for straightforward permissions. PLSclear guides you through a simple online permissions request, so you can cover everything you need, then puts you in touch with the rightsholder, who will have the information they need to make a decision.

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On BritCrime online literature festival: Helen Smith interview

Helen Smith is a novelist and playwright who lives in London. She’s the founder of BritCrime. BritCrime gives crime readers an opportunity to meet at online events – they are free and accessible to everyone. Here Stephanie Cox interviews Helen about the festival and how it was all set up.

1. Please introduce yourself and give us a brief overview of your career.

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