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Price Set by Dice Roll and Other Book Promo Tools

Last week there was a bit of a furore in the publishing world after a Guardian journalist Ewan Morrison slated social media promotion by self published authors, basically saying that as a promotional tool Twitter and Facebook etc were overrated and authors should focus on writing books, probably. I know that was a rabid paraphrase, but do go read the article if you want specifics because it’s interesting and incendiary, which are two of the best things an article can be.

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Marketing Executive – Journals [JOB POSTING]

BookMachine Jobs

A leading and innovative academic publisher in Cambridge has an exciting opening for a Marketing Executive to join their scientific journals publishing team.  This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced Marketing Assistant or Marketing Executive to take on more responsibility and play a key role within the department.

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It’s a Brand New World

This is a guest post from Kathy MeisKathy Meis, who is founder and president of Bublish, a social book discovery platform that is revolutionizing how writers share their stories and readers find books they’ll love. 

In the world of business journalism, where I come from, the idea of a publishing brand, is common. Forbes, Financial Times, and The Economist are all household names. Book publishing, however, evolved quite differently, primarily because of its distribution and monetization models. Book publishers haven’t traditionally sold directly to their customers nor have they had to worry about making money through advertising, which requires a strong brand and an intimate understanding of one’s readership.

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BookMachine Edinburgh – 17th August [EVENT]

BookMachine Edinburgh

Friday, August 17, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Carter’s Bar, 185 Morrison Street, EH3 8DZ, Edinburgh


BookMachine is a regular drinks social for publishing folks and book lovers. This month we’re hosting a publishing meet-up to coincide with the Book Festival over in Charlotte Square.

Amble along to the fine establishment that is Carter’s Bar on Morrison Street, from 6pm on 17th August and join us for drinks, chat and other such things.

You can sign up below!

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Steidl launches book-scented perfume, because that’ll help

To be filed under Things That Will Definitely Save The Publishing Industry, No Questions Asked: stern-sounding independent publishing house Steidl is now selling Paper Passion, a perfume ‘for booklovers’ that attempts to replicate the smell of of a book and then convince you that that is something you want to squirt on your neck before, say, a first date or a job interview. Presumably, there are quite a few Patrick Süskind fans at Steidl.

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BookMachine Weekly BookWrap: publishing stories from around the web

On BookMachine over the past couple of weeks it was all Fitba, Shades and Gray as Cargo announced three new signings, there were 6 Questions for Jon Reed and we asked Should Children’s Books Come with Age Certifications?

In the news it was announced They’re Making Another Hobbit Film Now, and while Steidl launches book-scented perfume, Fifty Shades beats Harry Potter into submission on Amazon.

We had a guest post from Kathy Meis on why It’s a Brand New World, and if you find yourself in Edinburgh over the festival period, do amble along to BookMachine Edinburgh – 17th August.

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Fifty Shades beats Harry Potter into submission on Amazon

Yes, yes, it’s another post about another sales record broken by Fifty Shades of Grey, but look: we’ll stop reporting on it just as soon as you convince people to stop buying it. Vintage has unleashed the Kraken here, and the second it can stuff it back into the depths (oo-er missus, etc.) from whence it came, we can all shut up about it, finally, and get on with our decidedly non-sexy day to day lives. Until that glorious day, however, we’re stuck with letting you know that the trilogy has now collectively outsold all seven Harry Potter books on Amazon UK, making EL James the biggest selling author in the site’s nearly-fourteen year history.

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So They’re Making Another Hobbit Film Now

Peter Jackson - The HobbitIn further news of literary adaptations being stretched as far as they can go in the name of fidelity, as long as fidelity is what you call great heaping piles of cash, Peter Jackson yesterday posted on his Facebook page that his already-pushing-it-length-wise cinematic rendering of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit will, in fact, be spread over three films, and not the previously mooted two. Just so we’re clear: that means that once he’s completed this trilogy, Jackson will have devoted roughly as much screen time to Tolkien’s 310 page prologue to Lord of the Rings as he did a decade ago to the 1137 pages (plus maps) of Rings’ three volumes, which only got one film apiece, and at Jackson’s current rate would seemingly have ballooned to a nine film lifestyle choice.

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Fitba, Shades and Gray: Cargo announces three new signings

When last we checked in with the young upstarts currently fomenting a Scottish literary revolution at Cargo Publishing, they were sticking two fingers up to Glasgow’s Aye Write! festival with the second year of their own Margins festival. It was a bit alright. More than that, it provided a focal point to the ever-evolving overlap between disciplines in the Glaswegian arts scene, with literature bleeding into music and theatre, and music and theatre contributing some bodily fluids of their own to literature.

Riding high on the success of the festival, Ewan Morrison’s recently published Tales From The Mall and the publication later this week of their hugely ambitious Second Lives project, the publishers took to Twitter last Friday to announce three new signings that are very, uh, them.

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