BookMachine Weekly BookWrap: publishing stories from around the web

This week BookWrap considered simply unleashing a barrage of questionable puns related to a certain product launch this week. But let’s not.

There’s much more to talk about instead, like the Bloomsbury venture to bring books ‘back from dead’ and the next chapter in a scandal we’re going to dub ‘Assange-Canon-gate’ in which we have the WikiLeaker’s Statement on the Unauthorised, Secret Publishing of the Julian Assange “autobiography” by Canongate.

In this week’s Scare Stories About Why Publisher Are In Deep Trouble, it seems The Perfect Storm Is Looming in Publishing, a Survey says publishers continue to miss out on digital opportunities, and even tech blog TechCrunch weighs in with The Future Of Books: A Dystopian Timeline. Gulp.

And there’s more: publishers are beginning to face a backlash concerning ebook quality, with Neal Stephenson’s Reamde eBook Replaced on Amazon, and there’s some Hard truths for book publishers.

Maybe we should have stuck to making puns.

No matter, here’s the Top 20 Free Book Apps of the Week,  and web design bible Smashing Magazine on How To Make An eBook.