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5 questions for Matthew Cashmore [INTERVIEW]


Ahead of BookMachine Oxford on 27 February I posed five quick questions to our guest speaker Matthew Cashmore!


1. Which words would best descibe your approach to your role as Digital Director at Blackwell’s?

Do cool stuff, do it really well, really quickly and make a profit.


2. What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Doing cool stuff with books – which I love and any visitor to my house / library will attest to.


3. What was Blackwell’s greatest achievement in 2013?

Starting a skunkworks for digital development in Shoreditch.


4. Do you have a prediction for the book industry in 2014?

We will continue to sell books, more books, more interesting books and people will continue to read them.


5. Is there any advice you would give to publishing/bookselling professionals that are getting involved with digital?

Digital amplifies what you’re good at AND what you’re bad at – don’t do ‘digital’ if you’re not passionate and great at what you do.


Matthew Cashmore is the Digital Director at Blackwell’s. He has a key strategic focus on finding and executing new opportunities and guiding a digital step change – making Blackwell’s the architects of the digital academic future.

Tickets for the Oxford event are available here.

Charly Salvesen-Ford

Charly Salvesen-Ford

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