RSA Bounce: an event for unleashing ideas

Christopher Norris reports on his first-hand experience of RSA Bounce, an opportunity for RSA Fellows to speed-pitch enterprise concepts for feedback via the Wisdom of Crowds and for jump-starting ideas into practical reality.

On 16 November 2015, fuelled by wine and pizza at the Rainmaking Loft in St Katharine’s Dock, 14 entrepreneurs bounced their new business initiatives off an audience of RSA Fellows interested in cutting-edge commercial and social enterprise innovation.

Each pitcher had to explain their idea against the clock: Louise Drake (RSA Regional Manager: East and South East) set an online stopwatch, projected on a screen, to give each presentation three minutes to get across the idea’s purpose, features and benefits. Each pitcher then had a further three minutes to answer questions from the audience. The order of pitching was chosen by lot.

Here is the running order of the 14 pitchers and projects that featured on the night. Visit the RSA website for my fuller report about any of these presentations that sparks your interest:

  • Peter Bull: Practical University > An alternative, hands-on multi-skill programme for students aged 16-18 to prepare young people for life.
  • Anna Lowe: Creating makerspaces in developing countries > A network of makerspaces in developing countries, with a focus on tech for sustainable development. 
  • Aaron Lawton: The Internet of Places > A smartphone app allowing local people and visitors to gain fascinating insights into local heritage features.
  • Christopher Norris: Jolabokaflod > A generic book marketing campaign that builds on the Icelandic custom of buying books as gifts to be read on Christmas Eve.
  • Ann Nkune: Bloomsbury Beginnings > Providing incubator opportunities, mentors, hot desks and crèche facilities for parent entrepreneurs and flexible workers. 
  • Nicola Herbertson: eu > Public service delivery using avatars and online 3D environments to save money and improve access and employment for people with autism and complex needs.
  • Nancy Johnston: Tengri > Creating the world’s first prestige fashion brand with a ‘fairshare’ business model and a fully transparent, ethical and sustainable supply-chain.

The next RSA Bounce event will be held in London on 23 February 2016. For more information, please contact Mark Hall (RSA Regional Manager: London) at

The RSA Fellowship is a unique global network of over 27,000 individuals who work together to bring about social change. Fellowship is open to all who share their values and they are offering BookMachine members the chance to join the RSA via their ‘fast track’ application route. This means no £75 joining fee or referees needed; you only pay the annual fee of £168 pa or £14 pcm. For more information please contact Adam Myers: