New sales and marketing structure at The Quarto Group

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Since 2016, The Quarto Group’s 48 imprints have been set to run as creatively independent businesses all supported and serviced by a global, central platform.

The Sales and Marketing teams sit within this central platform and today The Quarto Group have announced the following changes and updates:


  • Ken Fund, is Chief Operating Officer for the Group
  • Andrew Stanley has been appointed Sales Director, UK and Europe starting 10 July 2017
  • Tim Loynes joined Quarto on 17 April 2017 as Director of Children’s Sales
  • Mary Aarons becomes Director Sales, E-Commerce and ANZ, Canada, Asia, Latin America. Monica Baggio becomes Director Sales EMEA, Central Asia, Korea, Taiwan, India & Subcontinent


  • Kristine Anderson joined Quarto in March 2017 as Adult Marketing Director
  • Diane Naughton joined Quarto in January 2017 as Children’s Marketing Director
  • Jessica Axe becomes Adult Marketing Director
  • Katherine Josselyn becomes Children’s Marketing Director

Best of luck to everyone at Quarto in their new positions!