Book Machinations

As if you needed further convincing to drop by the BookMachine party on the 10th, here’s a review of December’s event from  employment guru, Sam Coleman.

On Thursday 9th December I had the festive inclination for warmth, drinks and merriment – in exactly that order. To attend to those said needs I skidded, slipped (due, in part, to the snow) and eventually arrived at the Albany pub in Great Portland Street where BookMachine were holding their most social of evenings geared towards publishing folks.

Firstly I should say that I was quite taken aback by the amount of people attending as the weather had prevented many from even leaving their own homes. Secondly it is happily worth mentioning that I had a chance to speak to pretty much everyone there. The pressure to “network” (which many publishing types slink away in dread from – myself included) was completely obliterated by the friendly throng, especially the kindly and welcoming greeting from Laura and Gavin who host the regular events. They have done a superb job of establishing a warm and exciting event which I was instantly made to feel a part of without feeling pressurised to be or do anything. Of course you end up talking about books but the huge benefit is meeting like-minded folks from other parts of the industry, a far world away from the dusty old conversations you normally partake in over the meeting table.

The best element of the evening was that I left with the notion that I will most definitely be attending again with my arm remaining remarkably untwisted. No fees, no forms to fill in and no pressure. The business cards I had taken were ones that I had actually asked for, rather than thrust upon me.

For anyone in publishing looking for a friendly, relaxed evening where you can talk to a huge range of people about books, digital publishing, politics, haircuts, music or anything you may choose to elaborate on this is the place to be. I will certainly be attending the next event and you might find you’re missing out a bit if you’re not.
Here’s hoping for a year of confident strides and fun filled machinations for BookMachine in 2011.